Video: Diaco From Media Day

Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco met with the press at the annual Media Day event in South Bend. Check out what he had to say inside on IrishEyes.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is focusing on keeping the defense "in the same area code." How does the unit's coordinator Bob Diaco plan to attack that goal?

One of the first ways? Find leaders.

"Maybe not a large exodus of personnel depart but [we had ] a major void in leadership, and some real stalwart players," Diaco said.

And how have the Irish done in replacing those players?

"That needed to be recreated, or redirected, reshaped. At least through the course of camp we have done that and the players have responded to it," Diaco said. "We have great energy, really solid leadership and everyone really likes and cares about each other."

Another question that Dicao was asked a lot? Just how well is the linebacker corps progressing.

"There is enough accumulated plays and experience there to perform at a high level," Diaco said. Top Stories