Post-game: Tommy Rees

Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees discusses the Irish's 28-6 win over Temple in week one.

By the numbers: 16 of 23, 346 yards, three touchdowns, 1 sack

"Good enough to win the game. We had some missed opportunities that we need to fix as an offense. I'm pleased with how the entire offense played, but there's still a lot of work to go."

"I've learned a lot my three years previous, and I have a great understanding of what's going on out there. I have confidence in all my guys."

"I never doubted the fact we could drive the ball down the field. DaVaris did a great job of getting openm and I put the ball where it needed to be."

"There are couple of throws you want back and a couple of balls that I missed. I just need to be more consistent with those."

"He (DaVaris) did a great job understanding where the cornerback was playing him, and he cut on a high angle. I saw pre-snap he was going to have great leverage with the corner. DaVaris has learned a lot about how defenses are tying to play him." Top Stories