Post-game: Fox, Jones, Jackson, Farley

Middle linebacker Dan Fox, wide receiver TJ Jones, safety Matthias Farley, and cornerback Bennett Jackson met with the media following Notre Dame's 28-6 win over Temple.

"Personally, for me, I could get a lot better. It was tough [to give up the rushing touchdown], but you put it behind you, and we got the win."

It was the first game of the season. There were just a few passing plays I wasn't sure of the route combinations. Eventually we settled down, and it was fine."

"As a defense, we're just trying ot keep the points down. I haven't looked at any Michigan film yet."

"That was awesome. Guys were running in and out, communicating the personnel. It was fast, we were going tempo, and that's hard."

"Once I can lace my shoes up right, I'll be a lot better (punt return)."

"With the pistol offense, I don't see it being that much different from our normal offense."

"It's a heated rivalry (Michigan). You are going to get the best of everybody. It's going to be four quarters of hard-nosed football."

"We're used to the [fast] tempo. It's tiring of course, but we continue to do what we do."

"When the field gets shorter, there's less space to operate. Personally, I feel more comfortable the closer they get to the end zone."

"I thin we did an excellent job (substituting). When guys were called upon, they were in right away."

"Everyone is on the same page. Everyone gave great effort. It's just really exciting to see everyone flying around."

"We have a lot of guys who can cover (man). It's fun to be able to call pressure and have those guys. It's having more experience in the secondary and in nickel packages."

"As a defense, if we have an inch to stand, we're going to give everything we have. I think that showed tonight."

"We knew they were going to come and throw short passes to work their way down the field. We remained confident and calm and stayed within the game plan." Top Stories