Snaps & Statistics breaks down the debuts and playing time of Notre Dame's freshmen and first-timers, the disparity of snaps between players featured in position battles, and the raw numbers on the offensive side of the ball.

Freshmen and First-Timers

On the third snap of Notre Dame's third offensive drive Saturday, a 2nd-and-1 formation showed the following trio of Irish receivers: Corey Robinson (solo right), James Onwualu (slot left), and Will Fuller (wide left).

All three of them in their first college game.

Kelly's squad enjoyed contributions from 10 freshmen Saturday, seven of which played from scrimmage when the game remained in doubt.

Below is a look at Saturday's debuts:

Freshmen Debuts: Corey Robinson (started), Will Fuller (2 pass targets), James Onwualu (special teams), Cole Luke (nickel and rotation at boundary corner), Isaac Rochell (heavy rotation at defensive end and Devin Butler (special teams)

WR Corey Robinson -- 1st play from scrimmage (W receiver)

CB Cole Luke -- Temple' first offensive drive, on 3rd & 6

DE Isaac Rochell -- 3rd drive, 2nd & 3

RB Greg Bryant -- 2nd & 9 with 5:46 remaining in the 4th quarter

WR Will Fuller -- 3rd offensive drive of the game at Notre Dame's 39-yard line

S Max Redfield -- 1st kickoff team (Was in on the tackle after a 30-yard Temple return to the 30-yard line)

RB Greg Bryant -- 2nd & 9 with 5:46 remaining in the 4th quarter

RB Tarean Folston -- 1st & 10 with 3:31 remaining in the 4th quarter

CB Devin Butler -- 1st punt return team

WR James Onwualu -- 1st punt return team

OLB Jaylon Smith -- 1st punt return team

Others of Note:

RB Amir Carlisle -- 1st play from scrimmage (45-yard run out of the pistol formation)

S Eilar Hardy -- 1st kickoff return team

WR C.J. Prosise -- 1st play from scrimmage (slot)

DE Jarron Jones -- 1st punt return team

Defense Substitutions

There were a total of 63 snaps that featured Notre Dame's first and/or second team defense (third team entered at approximately the 7 minute mark in the 4th quarter)

Drop linebacker

Jaylon Smith - 50

Ben Councell - 13

Inside linebacker

Jarrett Grace - 23 of 63 (more than not substituting for Dan Fox instead of Carlo Calabrese)


Austin Colllinsworth - 38 Elijah Shumate - 25

-- On third and long, not surprisingly, nickle cornerback Cole Luke substituted for linebacker Jaylon Smith in the nickle package.

-- Cornerback Lo Wood was in on the second Temple possession, and he was in on six plays in the first half.

By the Numbers

Total Offense

Total plays: Temple 76, Notre Dame 62

Total yards: Notre Dame 543, Temple 362

Third-down conversions: Temple 6 of 15, Notre Dame 5 of 13

First downs

Total: Temple 25, Notre Dame 21

Rushing: Temple 9, Notre Dame 8

Passing: 13, Notre Dame 12

Penalty: 3, Notre Dame 1

Net yards rushing

Total: Notre Dame 188, Temple 134

Rushing attempts: Notre Dame 35, Temple 29

Net yards passing

Total: Notre Dame 355, Temple 228

Average per completion: Notre Dame 20.9, Temple 9.9 Top Stories