Post-game: Rees, Jones, Day

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Tommy Rees, TJ Jones and Sheldon Day discuss Notre Dame's 41-30 loss to Michigan on Saturday night.

Notre Dame players discuss their 41-30 loss to Michigan

Wide receiver T.J. Jones:

"This is a nice wake up call for us."

"You use it as a reference point. Hey, remember this feeling. When you watch film, don't get down, learn from it."

"I'm not sure where we start. There's a lot of areas we need to hone in on. Whether it's academics, after the game on weekends or during the course of practice."

"We've had off six months or whatever. It's hard to remember what it was like to fight through those tough situations, and a lot of our young players don't know what it's like to fight through those tough situations."

Defensive end Sheldon Day:

"You really take a focus on your role withing the strategy. You own up to your role, stay on it. Know that you're going to do your role and other players will do their role."

"It's all about composure. If you lose your composure, you lose yourself."

Quarterback Tommy Rees:

"I got flustered a little bit. The corner slouched off the flat. You got to be smarter than that."

"We are going to compete until the clock hits zero. I'm proud of all the offense competed all four quarters."

"Our defense has a done a great job for a long time. I'm not going to touch on the defense. As an offense, we need to put more points on the board."

"It is a long season, but in a positive way. Push to keep winning ball games." Top Stories