Video & Quotes: Rees, Calabrese, Daniels

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees, linebacker Carlo Calabrese and wide receiver DaVaris Daniels discuss Notre Dame's 31-24 win over Purdue.

Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees:

"I'm proud of all of our wide receivers."

"We really... I was really talking to the whole offense through out the 2nd half. We knew we were going to close out the game running the ball. Our entire offensive line takes pride in that. Cam, being the tough kid that he is, takes pride it, and we were able to grind out those tough yards."

"It was obviously a huge turn in the game. We went up by two scores. We knew were going to have to make plays offensively and defensively."

"We had a good match-up with DaVaris outside. I put the ball out there and he'll go run and make the play. I didn't see it, but he had a great run and catch, staying in-bounds. That's the kind of player that he is."

Linebacker Carlo Calabrese:

"There's a lot of room for improvement. You can always work on a bunch of things."

"We knew we had a lot of veterans on the team, but we didn't think we were a finished product (coming into season)"

"We played hard. We played physical. In the beginning of the game, in the first drive, we had a few corrections to make and we did. They were doing a lot of play action pass and screens. We went to the sidelines and got it fixed."

Wide receiver DaVaris Daniels:

"As a team, we came out flat. We weren't ready to play. Give them credit. We had to settle in. In the second half, I think everybody picked it up."

You can say that. But, it's anew game a new Saturday. We got to be ready to play from the jump. We weren't, but we stepped up in the second half."

I take a lot of pride in that (physicality). From my standpoint, I need to improve on that. I did in the second half."

"A lot teams being down like that would fold. We knew we had a long way to go." Top Stories