The Top 12

A breakdown, which includes predictions, of where Notre Dame stands with its top 12 prospects left on the board in 2014.

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Top 12 Prospects on the Board:

1. TE Tyler Luatua

- Visiting Oct. 19 (First visit)

- Biggest competition: Alabama

- Prediction: Notre Dame

- More: Luatua has yet to visit Notre Dame, but the Irish are recruiting him the hardest of any school. He's long held the Irish as one of his front-runners, and many signs point to him ending up with the Irish. Worth noting his brother attends Alabama and he'll take an official there in November when the Tide play LSU.

2. S Payton Hendrix

- Visiting Oct. 19 (Second visit)

- Biggest competition: Arkansas & Oklahoma – should they offer

- Prediction: Notre Dame.

- More: Hendrix doesn't disclose much information, but the Irish appear to be his leader. If teammate Nick Watkins decides he wants to attend Notre Dame as well, Notre Dame's chances of landing him increase two-fold. He is visiting Arkansas for an official visit Oct. 12 when the Razorbacks play the Gamecocks.

3. CB Nick Watkins

- Visiting Oct. 19 (Second visit)

- Biggest competition: Alabama, Ole Miss, Texas, UCLA

- Prediction: Notre Dame

- More: Watkins is very interested in a business program and a winning tradition. The Irish obviously sit very well in both of those categories, and Watkins almost committed this summer. No other official visits are currently scheduled. Worth nothing both Watkins and Hendrix are interested in early playing time as well.

4. WR Isaiah McKenzie - Visiting Oct. 19 (Third visit)

- Biggest competition: None

- Prediction: Notre Dame

- More: McKenzie has set decision dates and cancelled more than once, so there is something delaying a commitment. Whether its test scores or not, nothing's been confirmed. He currently has a December visit scheduled to Rutgers, but it would be surprising if Notre Dame doesn't know if it's landing the highlight reel from American Heritage before the year's last month.

5. LB/S Drue Tranquill

- Visited for Michigan State (Third visit)

- Biggest competition: Purdue

- Prediction: Notre Dame

- More: Tranquill should be nearing a decision any day now. A Purdue commitment, Tranquill once seemed like he was sticking with the Boilermakers, but after his Notre Dame visit in mid-September, the scale could be tipping in Irish favor.

6. DT Matt Elam

- Visiting Oc. 19 (Second visit)

- Biggest competition: Alabama, Kentucky

- Prediction: Notre Dame

- More: Elam has a current top three of Alabama, Kentucky and Notre Dame. The Irish need a nose guard in this class, and they're selling him the idea of becoming the next Louis Nix. Elam will officially visit Kentucky and Alabama in back-to-back weekends in December. Might be picking against the grain here, but I predict Elam to Notre Dame. He's set to decide in January at the Army All-American game.

7. WR/S Juju Smith

- Visiting Oct. 19 (First visit)

- Biggest competition: Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, USC

- Prediction: Toss-up

- More: A prediction this early doesn't mean much for Smith, who has only taken one of his five officials so far (Ohio State), but I like Notre Dame's chances. Smith isn't going to be hesitant about leaving the West Coast, which plays nicely in Notre Dame's favor. The Irish could very well end up stealing Smith in January if he has a stellar visit in October.

8. RB Bo Scarborough

- Visiting Oct. 19 (First visit)

- Biggest competition: Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia

- Prediction: Toss-up

- More: Any committed prospects that taking visits elsewhere is usually interested in at least feeling out other options. The Irish can sell to him he's No. 1 on their board when he comes to town in a couple of weeks. Obviously, a lot is riding on his visit to South Bend and more should be known about how he views Notre Dame afterward. He's set on playing running back, but the Tide may have other plans for him, which ultimately could play into Notre Dame' favor.

9. DE Solomon Thomas

- Visited this summer (Camp)

- Biggest competition: Arkansas, Stanford, Texas

- Prediction: Toss-up

- More: Solomon doesn't plan on taking officials until season's end. He visited Notre Dame this summer for camp and was very impressed. He has a sister that attends Arkansas.

10. WR Michiah Quick

- Visiting Oct. 19

- Biggest competition: Alabama, Oklahoma, UCLA, USC

- Prediction: Oklahoma

- More: Analysts in the West for FOX Sports NEXT believe Oklahoma and UCLA hold the lead for Quick right now. Quick should know more about how serious he is about Notre Dame after his visit in a couple of weeks.

11. WR Allen Lazard

- Visiting Oct. 19 (Third visit)

- Biggest competition: Iowa State

- Prediction: Iowa State

- More: An Iowa State commit, Lazard's father played for the Cyclones and his brother is a player on the team right now. Lazard plans to take official visits to a few other schools as well, but if there's any school that can steal him, it's Notre Dame. Ultimately, I think Lazard's relationship with Iowa State's coaching staff and family ties will be tough to overcome.

12. OL Damien Mama

- Visiting Oct. 19 (First visit)

- Biggest competition: USC

- Prediction: USC

- More: Mama has been a life-long USC fan, and unless he is absolutely turned off by the new hire, it's hard to see him going anywhere else but Southern Cal. Top Stories