5 To Watch BYU Offense

Totalbluesports.com and BYU beat writer Talo Steves gives Irish fans an inside look at five offensive players to watch in Saturday's game against the Fighting Irish.

#4 -- Taysom Hill: BYU's offense lives and dies with the performance of its quarterbacks. At the helm BYU has a young but talented one in Taysom Hill who is an effective duel threat who rushed for 259 yards against the defense of Texas. Later in the season, Hill has developed more in the passing game and threw for 339 yards against Boise State. The only question is consistency. If Hill can be consistent in his run-option reads, connect in the passing game, and gash the Irish defense with his speed it will bode well for the Cougar offense. If his coin flips to tails and Hill has an off night it will be a long game for the Cougar offense.

#21 -- Jamaal Williams: Williams has been the workhorse among the Cougar running backs. He nearly broke former BYU running back Harvey Unga's, who is currently with the NFL Chicago Bears, freshman rushing record. Williams has good vision and core strength that allows him to play a physical north and south game. His ability to run between the tackles compliments Taysom Hill's speed in the option-run game.

#2 -- Cody Hoffman: Hoffman broke every receiving record formerly owned by now NFL Patriot receiver Austin Collie. At 6-4, 210-pounds, Hoffman has become BYU's all-time reception leader, all-time receiving touchdown leader, and BYU's all-time receiving yards leader after raking up 113 yards against top 25 ranked Wisconsin. Hoffman is the most prolific pass catcher in BYU history, which says a lot about his abilities given the history of the modern passing game developed at BYU by Coach Edwards in the 70s.

#57 -- De'ondre Wesley: At 6-7, 330-pounds, Wesley has done a relatively good job at right tackle for the Cougar offensive line. Coming from the junior college level, Wesley has steadily improved and has stepped up his level of physicality and consistency of play. In the past BYU's offensive line has struggled to establish a physical culture among the group, but Wesley has definitely helped establish a more physical presence on the line.

#33 -- Paul Lasike: Formerly a rugby player from New Zealand, and a player that helped BYU win a rugby national championship in 2012, Lasike is a power runner. At 6-0 and nearly 230-pounds, Lasike has the size of a fullback but is considered a running back at BYU. He has very good speed but is still young in the sport of football despite being a junior in college. Lasike has proven to be a good one-two punch complimenting the speed of Jamaal Williams with a ground and pound physical game between the tackles.

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