Mustipher's Musings: Approaching the big day

Notre Dame four-star offensive guard commit Sam Mustipher of Olney (Md.) Good Counsel gives a first-person account of his preview of National Signing Day, including his final thoughts on signing with the Irish, his outfit for the big day and the recruiting process. Mustipher chose Notre Dame over Michigan and Ohio State.

Written by Sam Mustipher the evening of Feb. 3, 2014 -

I just finished up my religion homework and as a reward to myself, I made a hearty bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. The only thing that has been on my mind is the greatest event to happen thus far in my life: signing my NLI to attend Notre Dame.

I've taken the past few days to contemplate my decision. Is it the right school? What are the positives? How about the negatives? Am I ready to cross this threshold into a new world? I've even asked less daunting questions. What do I wear? What food will they be serving at the school event? To go to school for the remainder of the day or to take a mental health day? All of which I believe are important questions, especially the one about food.

I've come to the conclusion that Notre Dame is the place for me. I have yet to find any negatives. Everything about Notre Dame is special. The launch pad which Notre Dame provides for my future is unable to be matched. Not only athletically, but spiritually and academically as well. Although what lies ahead of me is unknown I could not be more excited to take this next step in life.

I have my outfit for signing day ready. My hat will be the best one out of anybody attending my school. The find is courtesy of our kicking specialist, Tyler Newsome. That man has a boot. We are in good hands, or feet, whichever you may prefer, with him handling our kicking. My sweatshirt courtesy of my girlfriend who is looking forward to this almost as much as I am. And my shirt, tie, shoes and pants picked by myself. We will most likely have a variety of pastries, home fries and breakfast sandwiches to choose from at the event, much to my delight. And I have all my core classes that day so I think a mental health day is out of the question.

Recruitment has been a fun, eventful, humbling, and exciting process. I am truly blessed to be in the position that I am currently in. I will take these next 24 hours and some change to reflect on what came before my pen touched the NLI, and what lies ahead of me. Over the next few years I hope I can make every member of the Notre Dame family proud. I will work hard and give this great family and institution the respect it deserves for believing in my abilities.

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