Howe Ready to Visit Irish

Ohio defensive lineman Kraig Howe is excited to make his next campus visit for Notre Dame's Junior Day this weekend.

With former teammate Malik Zaire already a member of the Notre Dame football program, Kraig Howe hopes his visit this weekend could open the door for a possible offer from the Irish down the road.

"I'm going up to Notre Dame for their Junior Day this weekend," said Howe. "Their Junior Day is Saturday, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it because of basketball. But with our loss in the tournament, our season has ended and I'm looking forward to going up there."

Leading the charge for the Irish is defensive line coach Mike Elston.

"Coach Elston reached out to me and asked me to keep a spot free on my calendar for March 1-st," he said. "While I'm not happy we lost our tournament game, I am looking forward to visiting Notre Dame.

"An offer from Notre Dame is something I've been dreaming about for a long time. It's Notre Dame!!! One of the best schools you can think of. It's got great tradition, academics, and everything I can see myself a part of.

"I know Notre Dame gets the best of the best, but an offer from them would be really humbling. Notre Dame is one of those schools it would be hard to say no to."

Howe has heard and seen enough to understand what the Irish stand for.

"Talking with Malik, watching the team play and listening to the coaches. Everything Notre Dame stands for is just good," he said. Top Stories