Premium Forums Update

A message for subscribers in search of discussion on our premium message board, the Football Forum: Please join other members at our New Ara message board until the issues with the premium board are resolved...

The forums experienced a major hardware and database failure on Sunday, February 23. They're up and running again, but recovery required using a backup from February 13, and therefore all posts between then and Sunday morning have been lost, except for private messages. We are very sorry for this and will compensate our subscribers by adding a week to all subscriptions proactively.

This will be done automatically, you need not call or take action to receive it.

As most of you know, Scout was recently purchased from a prior owner who eliminated all internal engineering and made no significant hardware investments since 2005. We have been upgrading this aging infrastructure to reduce and eventually eliminate the chances of failures like Sunday's.

To minimize potential disruption, we had planned to wait until after the current NCAA basketball season to perform major upgrades, but will obviously accelerate those plans now. We have also been working hard on a major site redesign, including mobile-friendly sites, improved video, new categories and other features, and look forward to delivering those in the next few months.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, will strive to do better and appreciate your patience and support.

Thank You, Staff Top Stories