Practice Report: Offense provides a detailed practice report of Notre Dame's offense from Saturday's two-hour spring practice open to the media.

First observation of the day on offense is Cam McDaniel ran with the one's out of the gate during the tempo drill when the offense works itself downfield with no defense. The likely conclusion to draw from that is Folston and McDaniel will continue to split reps through August. Folston will be listed as the starter come kickoff vs. Rice, but Kelly trusts McDaniel, and he'll surely get a fair amount of reps.

True to form, Greg Bryant stood out today in individual drills. He cuts with so much power and then gets north in a hurry. Bryant was lined wide in a few formations and was the intended receiver of a go route and a deep post route in 7-on-7. Bryant was forced out of bounds on good coverage on the post route by Jalen Brown, who got in Bryant's ear about it after the fact. Bryant responded with a calm but resonant, "Tackle me in the open field."

Folston also ran a go route during on 7-on-7, and he had cornerback Cole Luke beat down the sideline, but he poorly timed his jump to make the catch in the corner of the end zone. Folston's improvement in the passing game will be directed towards gaining a better understanding of where he is located on the field, and Tony Alford let him know that.

It certainly was nice to see screens being executed. Certainly a change from last year. McDaniel, Folston, Robinson and Prosise all performed basic screens during the offense's various tempo work.

Kelly was asked after practice about the progress of Amir Carlisle. He responded, "He's been good. I like the progress there. He's playing stronger. He's strictly wide receiver this year, and I think consistency is very good for him. But, I need more out of him. I just want more out of all of them (wide receivers). That's just the way I am. But, the guy I'm most pleased with is Corey Robinson. He does exactly what I ask of him every time. A lot of the players try to do what I ask, but Robinson actually does it. I love that kid."

Aside from Kelly downplaying Carlisle's impressive outing (for good reason, perhaps due to last year's lack of consistent production), Carlisle caught everything thrown his way this weekend. He had back-to-back impressive catches in the end zone from nicely thrown balls by Malik Zaire.

Speaking of Zaire, he showed today why he's such a gifted runner. He has a solid grasp of the read option, and he's seamless with both his handoffs to the running backs and his decision to keep the ball and scoot up field. Kelly was asked after practice about the potential of a two-quarterback system, and he responded, "I'll do anything to win. If we get to August, and that's where we're at, I'm all for it."

Golson had a solid day, never lacking zip on any of his passes and being accurate for the most part. Kelly spends most of practice by Golson's side, and the two are in constant communication. Specifically, Kelly offered Golson lengthy one-on-one instruction during the zone read handoff drills.

Will Fuller had a very impressive day today, and the Allen, Texas wide receiver target Jalen Guyton noted in his visit recap that Fuller stood out to him a lot during yesterday's practice. He's fluid in every movement and looked very smooth when the wide outs were practicing turning over their left shoulder to make the catch in stride. Fuller showed great physicality going up against Keivarae Russell on a slant route inside during 7-on-7.

Mike Heuerman ran with the two's more so than fellow freshman Durham Smythe. Both Heuerman and Smythe were always detached from the line. Smythe had a great catch in traffic during 7-on-7. Also running with the two's (for the most part) were Fuller, Amir Carlisle and Torii Hunter Jr.

Brent received a less amount of reps than the others. He was lined up too far outside on one play, causing Mike Denbrock and Kelly to get in his face. Kelly also expressed his disappointment with Carlisle on that play, who should have corrected Brent on his formation before the snap.

No changes in the offensive line rotation. From right to left, Ronnie Stanley, Steve Elmer, Matt Hegarty (filling in for Nick Martin), Conor Hanratty (filling in for Lombard) and Mike McGlinchey took the first team reps. Colin McGovern, John Montelus, Mark Harrell, Conor Hanratty (both) and Hunter Bivin took second team reps. Top Stories