Clark contemplating multiple schools

Is four-star tight end Chris Clark of Avon (Conn.) Old Farms nearing a final commitment? And, where does Notre Dame stack up against Michigan and Ohio State?

Tight end Chris Clark of Avon (Conn.) Old Farms decomitted from North Carolina last month in order to visit more programs and feel his way more slowly through the recruiting process.

Clark now has no timetable for a new commitment and is considering an array of schools.

"I have no idea when I'll commit," Clark said. "But, it will likely be before the season starts. I want to visit a few more places for a second time around and then I'll have a good idea of where I stand."

Those schools include Georgia, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Tennessee. Any leaders for Clark out of those final six?

"I really like Michigan," Clark said. "Ohio State and Michigan State. I'd have to see them all again before I could decide anything."

Clark plans to visit Notre Dame again in June.

"I'm pretty sure I'll be at Notre Dame on June 20 for the invite only camp, 'Irish Invasion,'" Clark said. "But, I'm not sure just yet because of my scheudle."

Irish assistants Tony Alford and Scott Booker visited Old Farms on Tuesday.

"I didn't get a chance to talk with them, but they spoke to my coaches about me, and my counselors and even my headmaster."

The first visit Clark will take this summer is to Tenneesse on June 3.

Clark is a four-star prospect and is ranked as the No. 2 tight end in the class of 2015. Top Stories