Coleman Earns Michigan State Offer

Sunday found Nick Coleman working in front of the coaching staff at Michigan State as he hoped to add their name to his offer list. Tuesday, Coleman received his answer.

Tuesday was another huge day for Kettering (Ohio) Alter defensive back Nick Coleman as Michigan State added their name to his offer list.

"I talked with Coach (Harlon) Barnett and about five minutes ago, I spoke with Coach (Mark) Dantonio who told me I had an offer," said Coleman. "I'm so hyped right now because it was an offer I wanted to earn."

For Coleman to earn an offer from the Spartans, he agreed to camp in East Lansing on Sunday giving him the chance to also learn more about the program.

"As soon as I got there, I saw the trophies and I knew Michigan State was for real," he continued. "I remember during drills that Coach Dantonio came right up to me and started talking with me. Coach Barnett told me Coach Dantonio knew me, but I just thought it was coach talk. It wasn't and they treated me well and I guess I performed well. It was also a lot of fun."

Having earned an offer from Notre Dame recently, what does this offer mean to the 5-foot-11, 176-pound defender?

"I set out to get an offer from Michigan State and wanted it," he said. "I'm not going to lie, I wanted it and now I got it. I went up there and took care of business, so this offer does mean a lot."

While Coleman left campus impressed by the Spartans, he also came away impressed in how the Spartans told him they wanted him.

"Coach Barnett told me and was just trying to get me on the phone with Coach Dantonio," he said. "We played some phone tag until about one, so it was a little suspenseful as Coach Barnett told me they wanted me, but he wanted me to talk with Coach Dantonio to seal the deal.

"That has never been done before with any other college as far as the head coach wanting to talk with me and offering me. So I was very impressed and honored."

What did the Spartans head coach have to say?

"Coach Dantonio set Michigan State's goals out in front of me," Coleman started to explain. "They pretty much match mine as number one was the people, number two was the education, number three was playing bit time football and number for was the effort.

"That pretty much matched my goals and it put it in my head where they are at and where I'm at. So we're pretty much thinking on the same page."

Prior to camping with the Spartans, Coleman and his father had a plan in place for the coming weeks. What are his plans at this time?

"I'm going to stick to the plan," he said. "I told some universities I was going to be there, so I'll be at Duke next week, maybe Notre Dame in the middle of the week and then Pittsburgh and Indiana. This definitely changes a lot much like the Notre Dame offer did. Now I have everything I wanted, so now I've got to make a decision."

Coleman was joined on his trip to campus by his father, what did his father have to say about their trip on their drive back home?

"My dad was impressed with Coach Dantonio," he said. "He walked right up to my dad as well and when Coach (Curtis) Blackwell took us on our tour, he told us how Michigan State got started and the type of people at Michigan State.

"So it was just a good vibe and I felt it and my dad felt it too." Top Stories