Coney discusses his plan

Te'Von Coney cut his long offer list to ten top schools. The 2015 linebacker of Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) talks the latest in his plan to narrow that list further right here.

Te'Von Coney tweeted that his top ten schools, in no order, are Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Ohio State, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, UCF, and North Carolina State.

"The interest level with the schools is the highest, I picked the schools that show me the most care and love, to me and my family as a whole. They've just stayed on me and asked me questions, just made sure I was good. Those are the ten schools that I really think have recruited me the hardest," he said.

"I'm focused on these ten schools and trying to get it down to five."

The 6-foot-2, 215-pound linebacker expects to make that cut to five in the beginning of August. He plans to do plenty of traveling between now and then.

"I'm going to visit all of the schools. Most of the visits will probably be in July, when all of the coaches come back from their vacation," he said.

Coney has already visited Florida, Miami, and UCF, but all of his out-of-state visits will be first time visits. The Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) standout will have his dad with him on his travels.

"I got seven schools to visit. I already have a plan, I just have to get the official dates and the flights set," he said.

The one visit that is set is to Notre Dame on June 18th. Coney is looking forward to his first time in South Bend.

"I just want to see the campus, see what type of people are there, see what's around. Just to see if I fit in there, and just talk to all the coaches more and get to know them a little bit, and just get a feel of the school," he said.

As he takes his visits, he'll be keeping a few things in mind in evaluating his options.

"I'm just going to talk to all of the coaches, see if all of the coaches are saying the same thing, see how they feel about me, and just walk around the campus, see the environment, and talk to some of the players, see how they feel about the coaches and how the coaches treat them," he said.

Coney will also be competing in The Opening in Oregon this July, so he'll be keeping pretty busy this summer. Top Stories