Bilal breaks down Michigan and Notre Dame

Four-star linebacker Asmar Bilal of Indianapolis (Ind.) Ben Davis sees a lot that he likes in both Notre Dame and Michigan. He discusses the pros... and cons of each school.

Four-star linebacker Asmar Bilal of Indianapolis (Ind.) Ben Davis visited Michigan for the second time on Saturday with his mother.

"It was a great visit," Bilal said. "We went on a tour, met with the academic staff and I was able to sit down and talk with Coach (Greg) Mattison and Coach (Brady) Hoke."

"I was also able to talk a lot with strength coach," Bilal said. "That's the one thing that I really liked about this visit. They are really good at developing their players to play at the next level. They focus on them as individuals and meet their specific needs on what needs improvement instead of throwing everybody together as a whole."

Bilal also found Michigan's academic pitch appealing.

"They will assign you specific tutors for specific subjects," Bilal said. "They also work a lot with you to make your schedule adjustable, and they really prepare you for the syllabus. Everything is just very organized and planned to help you succeed."

Last weekend, Bilal visited Notre Dame after which he called the Irish his leader.

Is that still the case?

"I don't really know right now," Bilal said. "It's just that Notre Dame and Michigan are both at the top of my list. They both have pros and cons."

Bilal offered a side-by-side comparison of the two schools.

"The only con about Notre Dame is it seems smaller than Michigan and more strict about academics," Bilal said. "But, that could also be a good thing. I love the duo of academics and athletics. I think Notre Dame is more prestigious than Michigan with academics and athletics. Michigan has a great strength program. The other thing it seems, [Notre Dame defensive coordinator] Coach (Brian) VanGorder told me very specifically where I would be playing and what my role would be at the WILL linebacker. Coach Mattison wasn't too specific; he just called me an athlete. It also seems like Michigan is very stacked already at linebacker."

Bilal has no future visits currently planned.

He is a four-star linebacker and is ranked as the No. 10 outside linebacker in the class of 2015. Top Stories