Pending Foursome out for Rice

Irish head coach Brian Kelly confirmed Tuesday that DaVaris Daniels, Kendall Moore, KeiVarae Russell, and Ishaq Williams will not play Saturday against Rice.

Now it's officially a suspension.

Though no change has been announced regarding the fate of Notre Dame's quartet of players allegedly involved in academic dishonesty, the group's perpetual state of limbo has been altered.

That is, they officially won't play in the season opener.

Asked at his weekly in-season press conference Tuesday if DaVaris Daniels, Kendall Moore, Keivarae Russell, and Ishaq Williams are "out for Rice"? Kelly responded, "Yes."

Kelly has not received an update on the investigation, and was thus subsequently asked at what point he'll seek one considering the impact it has on his roster.

"Probably after this week," he offered. "I figure with school starting on Tuesday, we will probably-- I'm sure (athletics director) Jack (Swarbrick) will inform me once he gets information. He's pretty good at getting right back with me, so not something where I feel like I gotta pick up the phone if there is a disconnect with information. Jack works great with immediately getting me information that is needed relative to making decisions for our football team."

The best-case scenario for the football program would be if the quartet was found innocent, or not culpable enough to miss games as a result thereafter. Asked hypothetically if he could reintegrate a player (or players) should they be cleared on a future Wednesday -- the middle of game week preparations -- Kelly offered:

"It's hard to say. I mean, we would have to see what they've been doing. I'm sure that the young men have not just been sitting on the couch, I'm sure they're out conditioning and staying in shape, but, you know, hypothetically, I would say that that's a doable situation, but we'll have to see."

While Kelly admitted previously to being shocked and saddened by the allegations, he noted Tuesday that he does not feel he was blindsided by what is wholly an academic matter.

"Yeah, I did not feel in this instance that I was at any time left out of the loop, felt as though I was blindsided by a long investigation," said Kelly. "I think the information that was ascertained in this matter was pretty straightforward.  It was quick, and once they were able to kind of confirm the information, Jack let me know.  So at no time did I feel that.  And I think you guys know me pretty good.

"I know that when we go through an academic process like this, that involves our Honor Code, that this is a process that's out of my hands.  I've been through one already with Everett (Golson), so I know the workings of it.  It does me no good to put a timetable on it.  It does me no good to think about what day.  I moved on and the process will take care of itself.  Just by my experience in dealing with it before."

Kelly added both he and the remaining squad have moved on.

"We addressed it when it happened. Our players know fully about the Honor Code. They know the expectations surrounding it, and it really has not been an issue for a moment with our football team other than they care about their teammates/ They care about what happens to them.  Other than that they know the expectations that are placed on them here.  They know the Honor Code; they know the responsibilities that fall on them.  So it has not been something that they have brought to my attention nor to our Unity Council, to anybody that's in our program.  They have moved on as well."

A Different Kind of Quartet

Tuesday, August 26, 2014, marked a first in the storied history of Notre Dame football:

Team captains were officially announced via social media.

At 6:10 pm (ET), Kelly tweeted the following message.

"Honored to announce the @NDFootball captains for 2014. Austin Collinsworth, Sheldon Day, Nick Martin and Cam McDaniel."

Collinsworth is a fifth-year senior, Martin and McDaniel seniors, and Day a junior. Martin can apply for a fifth season of eligibility for 2015. Top Stories