Player comments: Golson, Riggs, Prosise

NOTRE DAME, IND. - Everett Golson, Cody Riggs, C.J. Prosise, Will Fuller and Joe Schmidt discuss individual and team performance(s) in the Irish's 48-17 win over Rice.

WR C.J. Prosise

- On his dropped touchdown pass, including a step-by-step explanation of his route and thought-process

- On playing alongside a quarterback with the specific strengths of Golson

DB Cody Riggs

- On playing his first game in Notre Dame Stadium

- On his 24-yard and 25-yard punt returns

- On facing Michigan next week

QB Everett Golson

- On playing "freely" tonight

(Sheldon's day impromptu mic entrance)

- On when it becomes instinctive for him to tuck it and run

- On play development of his touchdown pass to Fuller

MLB Joe Schmidt

- On his overall assessment of the linebackers' performance

- On how his role was altered with Collinsworth sidelined

WR Will Fuller

- On the deep ball that barely missed his grasp

- On his improved strength Top Stories