Tuesday Drive-Through (Offense)

In the first of a weekly feature this season, Irish Eyes breaks down the highs and lows of each Notre Dame drive on Saturday, including coining MVPs, unsung heroes, drive killers, and key plays.

1. Start: Own 32

Drive Killer: McDaniel loses five on 3rd and 6, poor read by Golson

Result: PUNT

2. Start: Own 44 after 24-yard return by Riggs

Drive Killer: Golson is pressured heavily on 2nd and 4, forced to throw it away

Result: PUNT

3. Start: Rice 47 after 25-yard return by Riggs

Key play: Facing 3rd and three, Koyack as the H-back releases for a gain of 14 to the right

MVP: Bryant, who had runs of 5, 7, 5 and 3 to spark offense

Unsung hero: Koyack

RESULT: 11-yard touchdown run by Golson, untouched over left tackle (7-0)

4. Start: Own 25-yard line

Key play: Golson play-action pass (McDaniel) to Fuller on a post-route, who shakes defender on a spin move and crosses the end zone

MVP: Fuller

RESULT: 75-yard touchdown pass completion (14-7)

5. Start: Own 13-yard line after Bryant fields punt

Key play: McDaniel breaks tackles on the right side boundary for a run of 23

MVP: McDaniel, who also turned what should have been a 4-yard loss into a 6-yard gain on 2nd down

RESULT: 39-yard missed field goal attempt by Brindza

6. Start: Rice 49-yard line after 18-yard return by Bryant

Drive Killer: Prosise drops beautiful scramble deep ball from Golson on 3rd down and long (Honorable mention: Golson sacked on 2nd and 8 for loss of 8 due to Elmer getting beaten badly on pass rush)


7.Start: Own 14-yard line

Key play: Golson finds Carlisle on seam route for a gain of 32, good concentration shown by Carlisle

MVP: Golson

Unsung hero: Bryant, who had two runs of 13 yards

RESULT: 14-yard touchdown run by Golson (21-10)

8. Start: Own 47-yard line after Farley interception

Key play: Golson finds an open Prosise in the end zone for a 53-yard touchdown completion

MVP: Prosise

Unsung hero: Farley sets up the field position

RESULT: 53-yard touchdown pass completion (28-10)


9. Start: Own 28-yard line

Key play: Facing 3rd and 4, Golson finds Brown on a hitch route for a gain of 8

MVP: McDaniel, who had runs of 12, 7 and 2

Unsung hero: Golson, who scrambles on 3rd and 6 early in the drive to find the first down marker on the edge

RESULT: 36-yard field goal by Brindza (31-10)

10. Start: Rice 34-yard line after failed fake punt attempt by Rice

Key play: Facing 3rd and 9, Golson rolls left to hit a crossing Carlisle for a gain of 22

MVP: Golson

RESULT: 4-yard touchdown run by Golson (38-10)

11. Start: Own 17-yard line Key play: Golson hits Koyack on play action pass for a gain of 28 to enter the red zone

MVP: Folson, who had runs of 4, 19, 4, 10, 3 and 3

RESULT: 29-yard field goal by Brindza (41-10)

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