Tuesday Drive-Through (Defense)

In the first of a weekly feature this season, Irish Eyes breaks down the highs and lows of each Notre Dame drive on Saturday, including coining MVPs, unsung heroes, drive killers, and key plays.

1. Start: Own 26-yard line

Key play: On 3rd and 8, Schmidt and Day stuff the inside draw (Rabasa and Trumbetti entered the game for Okwara and Jones)

MVP: Schmidt


2. Start: Own 25-yard line

Key play: On 3rd and 10, Tranquill blitzes, Smith cleans up inside handoff after a 6-yard gain with a tackle from behind (Rabasa, Tranquill, Farley in on 3rd down)

MVP: Smith


3. Start: Own 35-yard line

Key play: Shumate gives up trips touchdown on a seam route

Worth remembering: On 1st and 10 at Notre Dame’s 31-yard line, Trumbetti comes up with a big hit for no gain

RESULT: 26-yard touchdown pass completion

4. Start: Own 25-yard line

Key play: Smith puts them minus two behind the chains on first down with a tackle for loss

Worth remembering: Notre Dame went with a three-man front on 3rd and 17 (Tranquill in at the dime) and Rice picked up 10 on the draw

MVP: Smith


5. Start: Own 22-yard line

Key play: Facing 2nd and long, Schmidt gets beat over the middle, but play is called back due to illegal formation, forcing 3rd and long

MVP: Riggs, solid coverage on post-corner route on 2nd and 12


6. Start: Own 25-yard line

Key play: Smith runs down quarterback on third down and 5 for no gain, nice pursuit from Schmidt (Also, Shumate blows coverage on stop and go and Rice picks up 26 on 1st down)

MVP: Smith

Unsung hero: Luke with a nice hit on the boundary wide receiver on a screen pass that goes for 2 to force 3rd and long

RESULT: 33-yard field goal

7. Start: Own 25-yard line

Key play: Out of the dime, Tranquill rushes off the left side and Jones and Farley combine for the sack on 3rd down

MVP: Farley, who had two tackles earlier in drive, one clean-up trailing Schmidt and one to bring down a wide receiver on a crossing route

RESULT: Farley interception, 6-yard return


8. Start: Own 25-yard line

Key play: In Smith’s absence, Rice passes to Martini’s side on 3rd and 1 for a gain of 12

Worth remembering: Okwara and Jones combine for a sack and loss of 4 on 1st down

MVP: Luke, who provides good coverage on 3rd and 4 out of the nickle to force 4th down

Unsung hero: Shumate comes up with the stop on 2nd and 10 on the boundary for no gain

RESULT: Missed 47-yard field goal

9. Start: Own 25-yard line

Key play: On 3rd and 11, Tranquill (dime) tackles from behind

MVP: Tranquill


10. Start: Own 25-yard line

Key play: On 3rd and long, Rice dropped a nice post route, coverage by Shumate

MVP: Schmidt, who has 2 solo tackles and combines with Utopo for tackle for loss on 1st down


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