Sunday Drive-Thru (Offense)

Irish Eyes breaks down the highs and lows of each Notre Dame drive on Saturday, including coining MVPs, unsung heroes, drive killers, and key plays.

1. Start: Own 16

Drive-Killer – Golson throws high to Fuller on boundary screen on 3rd and six, Fuller bobbles and catches for loss of one

Worth remembering – Forced to burn two timeouts in opening drive to prevent delay of game penalties


3. Start: Own 29

Key play – Golson hits Carlisle on a skinny post route for a gain of 12-yards in the red zone

Unsung hero: Prosise, who picks up 18 on a drag route on play-action pass to move ball into Michigan territory

MVP – Carlisle

Worth remembering – Brown and Robinson draw the contact to move chains on pass interference calls; first time we see Greg Bryant is in the game is on Michigan’s 26-yard line with 3:30 left in the first quarter

RESULT- 1-yard touchdown run by McDaniel (7-0)

4. Start: Own 31

Drive-Killer - Brown drops a perfect pass from Golson on 3rd and 6 at the 50-yard line


5. Start: Own 20

Key play - Golson finds Fuller on a slant on 4th and 3 for a gain of 11

Unsung hero: Robinson, who has a 22-yard reception to the Michigan 3-yard line

MVP - Fuller

Worth remembering - Onwualu recovers Riggs’ fumble on punt return

RESULT - 1-yard touchdown pass to Carlisle (14-0)

6. Start: Own 44

Key play – Golson scrambles to avoid sack and find Koyack on 2nd and long to make it 3rd and 1 at the 20-yard line with 40 seconds left in the 1st half

Unsung hero – McDaniel, who finds out of bounds marker with less than a minute remaining on draw

MVP – Golson

Worth remembering - Notre Dame starts with good field position after 12-yard return by Riggs

RESULT – 24-yard touchdown pass to Fuller (21-0)


7. Start: Michigan 38 after Redfield interception

Drive-Killer – False start by Elmer on 2nd down


8. Start: Own 40

Key play – Fuller turns up field quickly for gain of 8 to set up reasonable 3rd and 4

Unsung hero – Carlisle, who has 23-yard reception on 3rd and 11

MVP – Fuller

Worth remembering – Golson finds Fuller on quick slant for first down on 3rd and 4 to the Michigan 15-yard line

RESULT – 12-yard touchdown pass to Carlisle (28-0)

9. Start: Own 35

Drive-Killer – Screen pass to Carlisle goes for a loss of 3 on 3rd down


10. Start: Own 26

Key play – McDaniel, who shakes defender in space to gain 4 rather than lose 1 on 2nd down

MVP – McDaniel

Worth remembering – McDaniel picks up 6 on 3rd and 4 on a swing pass to the Michigan 15-yard line

RESULT – 43-yard field goal (31-0) Top Stories