Monday Drive-Thru (Offense)

Key plays, MVPs, unsung heroes, drive-killers and other moments of note from Notre Dame's possessions on offense against Purdue.

Cashing In

Notre Dame had three touchdown drives against Purdue, two in the first half and one in the second half. Notre Dame converted on a total four third downs on its touchdown drives. On those drives, the play selection included eight run plays and 12 pass plays.

The Irish also ran a total of 21 plays on their touchdown drives, and chewed less than eight minutes off the clock.

Notre Dame’s opening possession of the game went for a touchdown.

1. Start - Purdue 45-yard line

Key play – Facing 3rd and three at the 10-yard line, Folston exhibited quick feet and shiftiness in tight space to pick up four yards and the first down
Unsung hero – Folston, who netted total 32 yards on the drive
MVP – Carlisle, who had a 47-yard kick off return
RESULT – Golson to Fuller for a 6-yard touchdown pass (7-10)

Notre Dame’s second touchdown drive came with three minutes remaining in the second quarter and the Irish trailing 14-10.

2. Start – Notre Dame 30-yard line
Key play – Facing third and five at midfield, Golson, operating out of the empty set, finds Koyack for a gain of six and the first down
Unsung hero – Brown, who had a key block near the goal line for Golson
MVP – Golson
RESULT – Golson 15-yard touchdown rush (17-14)

The last touchdown drive occurred in the 3rd quarter with six minutes remaining and the Irish leading 17-14.

3. Start – Notre Dame 38-yard line
Key play – Facing 3rd and seven at the Notre Dame 41-yard line, Golson finds Prosise for a gain of 25 on a corner route
Unsung hero – Bryant, who picked up 17 on 3rd and 8 at the Purdue 32-yard line after Golson scrambled and found him on the check down
MVP – Golson
RESULT – Golson scrambles and throws a perfect pass to Robinson for a 15-yard touchdown pass (24-14)

Making Headway

Kyle Brindza was three of four on field goal attempts against Purdue. Four penalties and three plays that produced negative yardage contributed to Notre Dame’s stalled drives.

1. Start – Notre Dame 28-yard line
Key play – Pass interference on a pass intended for Brown moves the ball into Purdue territory
Drive-Killer – Facing 3rd and two, a bubble screen to Carlisle goes for a loss of five
MVP – Golson, who has completions of 5 and 9 yards, as well as a run of 7 on a scramble to the right
RESULT – Missed 50-yard field goal

2. Start – Notre Dame 46-yard line
Key play – Golson escapes on 1st and 10, makes defender miss, and lobs it to Bryant who gains four yards after contact. The gain of 17 was Bryant’s first career catch
Drive-Killer – The offensive line, who fails to move Bryant into the end zone on two runs inside the Purdue three-yard line
MVP – Bryant, who in addition to the catch and run that went for 17, produced 16 on the jet sweep (would have had more had he not misread blocking)
RESULT – 19-yard field goal (10-7)

3. Start – Notre Dame 30-yard line
Key play – Golson gains 11 on a scramble at the beginning of the drive
Drive-Killer – On 2nd and 10 at Purdue’s 26-yard line, Golson was sacked for a loss of five… What should have been 2nd and 5 for the Irish turned into 2nd and long due to an illegal formation penalty
MVP – Folston, who netted 17 total yards on the play, including a 10-yard catch and run on a screen pass up the middle and a 6-yard rush
RESULT – 48-yard field goal (27-14)

4. Start – Purdue 49-yard line
Key play (s) – Golson scrambles for seven to the Purdue 36-yard line on 2nd and 10, and the following play, he hits Koyack on a quick out route for a gain of five and the first down
Drive-Killer – Brown was whistled for holding on 1st and 10 at the Purdue 24-yard line to make it 1st and 16
MVP – Golson
RESULT – 39-yard field goal (30-14)

Going Nowhere

Discounting its last drive of the game with less than two minutes remaining, Notre Dame had three drives that failed to pick up a first down. Two of those came in the second quarter, and the third came in the third quarter.

On each third down, Notre Dame had to garner at least seven yards for the first.

The offensive line woes were highlighted in these drives, as each one featured a run for a loss or no gain. A sack (Elmer’s man) and false start penalty called on Elmer contributed as well.

1. Start – Notre Dame two-yard line
Drive-Killer – Facing third and 10 from its own two-yard line, Golson throws a catchable deep ball down the left sideline, but Fuller fails to high point the ball, instead trying to cradle it in, and he can’t make the grab
RESULT – 52-yard punt

2. Start – Notre Dame 28-yard line
Drive-Killer – On 2nd and 12 after a Folston two-yard loss, Fuller is whistled for being offside, bringing up a 2nd and 17, on which Golson is sacked
RESULT – Facing 3rd and 22, Koyack fumbles the ball at the Notre Dame 25-yard line, recovered by Purdue

3. Start – Notre Dame 34-yard line
Drive-Killer – After gaining four on the ground on first down, McDaniel’s offensive line fails him on second down, and he loses a yard
RESULT – 46-yard punt, after an incompletion intended for Robinson on third down Top Stories