Monday Drive-Thru (Defense)

Key plays, MVPs, daggers and other moments of note from Notre Dame's defensive stops and letdowns against Purdue

Scored Upon

Notre Dame gave up two touchdowns against Purdue. One came at the expense of a turnover that set the Boilermakers up with ideal field position with less than four minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter. The Irish shut out Purdue in the 4th quarter. In fact, Notre Dame has only given up seven points in the 4th quarter through three games.

1. Start – Purdue 30-yard line

Dagger – Facing 3rd and 2 at the Notre Dame 39-yard line, Purdue runs the option to the left for a 28-yard gain to the Irish 11-yard line. Missed tackles from Shumate, Redfield and Smith

RESULT – Purdue 7-yard touchdown pass

2. Start – Notre Dame 26-yard line after Notre Dame lost fumble
Dagger – Riggs is beat in man coverage on 3rd and 2; interference called on Riggs as well

RESULT – Purdue 19-yard touchdown pass

Bend, but don’t break

1. Start – Purdue 33-yard line (10-7)
Moves the chains - Redfield gets flagged for helmet-to-helmet, targeting penalty moves the ball into Notre Dame territory

Key play – Okwara forces fumble and Day recovers inside the 10-yard line
MVP – Okwara

RESULT – Notre Dame takes over at its own 2-yard line (Shumate penalized for taunting after turnover)

2. Start – Purdue 25-yard line (14-17)
Moves the chains– On 1st and 10, Purdue completes a 15-yard pass, Smith on the coverage
Key play – Jones and Rochell combine for the sack and 7-yard loss on 1st and 10, two incompletions follow
MVP – Jones

3. Start – Purdue 25-yard line (24-14)
Moves the chains– 24-yard pass completion on 1st down, coverage by Riggs and Shumate (Should have been a pick by Shumate, who trips over his own feet)
Key play – On 2nd and five, Onwualu provides good coverage on the wheel route to force incompletion
MVP – Riggs, who defended the 4th and five pass attempt in the end zone
RESULT – Turnover on downs, Notre Dame takes over at its own 34-yard line

4. Start – Purdue 25-yard line (30-14)
Moves the chains – Pass completion on 4th and five for a gain of seven, Schmidt on the tackle

Key play – Smith sacks the quarterback for a loss of 13 to force 3rd and 23
MVP – Schmidt
RESULT – Schmidt interception

Notre Dame forced four Purdue three-and-out possessions, and it generated three turnovers (two interceptions and one fumble). Top Stories