First Scrimmage Quite Ragged; Injury Report

The Irish ran through their first scrimmage under the lights in the Stadium Sunday night and, by all accounts, it was quite ragged. Bob Davie said the Irish couldn't pass, couldn't kick field goals and couldn't kick off. There were too many turnovers and mental mistakes. The only positive, Davie said, was that every member of his football team now realizes they need "every second" left to get ready for the opener against Nebraska. You can read the IrishEyes report here.

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August 26, 2001

 First Scrimmage Is Quite Ragged

 By The IrishEyes.Com NewsService

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (IE) – The Irish were ragged in their first scrimmage. And that was the assessment on all accounts.

Two weeks before Notre Dame opens at Lincoln, Neb., Bob Davie and his players said they couldn't beat the Huskers if the game were played today.

"A lot of guys didn't come focused to play today," said running back Terrance Howard, who did yeoman work in the scrimmage Sunday night. Howard said he took part in about 50 snaps because two other tailbacks, Tony Fisher and Julius Jones, were missing due to injury.

 "Everything was all out of whack. It didn't look too good," Howard said.

 It didn't make any difference if your perspective was from the offense, defense or in the press box, where some coaches sat as Davie tried to simulate game conditions as best he could. The scrimmage started at 7 p.m., proceeded under the lights under piped-in crowd noise and lasted until about 9 p.m.

"It's a good thing we're not playing Nebraska today," said outside linebacker Rocky Boiman. "Everybody's still got a little bit of sluggishness to them. We've got a lot of work to do. We've got to pay attention to little things. A lot of times, guys aren't lining up in the right spot."

The media were not allowed inside the stadium for the scrimmage, but Davie said little went right. Several field goals were missed, David Miller was a disappointment in kickoffs and Joey Hildbold has to punt better, Davie said.

 "As far as execution goes, we made enough mistakes tonight to last us the season," Davie said. " It was obvious we need every second of the next two weeks to get ready for the season.

"I think every player on the football team realizes we have a long way to go."

Davie said the defense probably looked better than the offense but added, "I don't know if it was great play by the defense or just more sloppiness in execution by the offense."

Matt LoVecchio, the designated starter against Nebraska, took only about 10 snaps. The rest were shared by Jared Clark and Carlyle Holiday.

Clark did some good things, Davie said, but put the ball on the ground several times. Davie said Holiday looked athletic. Nevertheless, the passing game was nonexistent.

"As far as throwing the ball, we didn't throw the ball efficiently or effectively all night."


POOCH PUNTS: The opener is closer than you think. The Omaha newspaper already had a reporter on the Notre Dame campus Sunday night talking to Davie, Grant Irons, Rocky Boiman and Carlyle Holiday, who disappointed all Husker fans by opting for the Irish....

In addition, to Fisher and Jones, David Givens didn't scrimmage because of  injury.Arnaz Battle was limited, Davie said. Glenn Earl also didn't participate because of  injury. Davie said the offensive line was intact for the scrimmage. The only injury was to J.W. Jordan, backup center and guard, who sprained a knee.

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