Advance Word On The Depth Chart

Head coach Bob Davie is about to release the early depth chart based on Sunday night's scrimmage. IrishEyes will give that to you when it's available; in the meantime, here are some clues.

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August 27, 2001

Advance Word On The Depth Chart

 By The IrishEyes.Com NewsService

 NOTRE DAME, Ind. (IE)Bob Davie is about to release his first depth chart since practice began Aug. 16.

 IrishEyes will publish it when it becomes available later Monday.

In the meantime, here's what's happening:

--At tailback: Terrance Howard is the only upperclassmen healthy enough to go full speed right now. Julius Jones and Tony Fisher both missed Sunday night's scrimmage. They have been held out for some days now. Davie has described their maladies as "minor" leg injuries.  Davie also has praised freshman Ryan Grant.

--At quarterback: Matt LoVecchio is the clear No. 1. Davie is somewhat disappointed that neither Carlyle Holiday nor Jared Clark have jumped ahead, to make a clear-cut No. 2.

 --At tight end: Look for John Owens to be No. 1. Davie said he had made some nice catches in the scrimmage on Sunday.

--On the offensive line: Because of the chronic knee problems of Sean Milligan, it looks like John Teasdale has won a spot converting from tackle to guard.

 --At linebacker: Courtney Watson is the clear leader to replace Anthony Denman with Mike Goolsby behind him. Watson will be No. 1 when the depth chart is released. At the strong side linebacker, Tyreo Harrison is clearly No. 1. Pat Ryan is challenging Carlos Pierre-Antoine for No. 2; or is it vice verse. That's how much CPA has fallen since he's been a prized recruit.

Davie still hasn't decided who's No. 2 behind Rocky Boiman at outside linebacker. Daie said don't rule out Derek Curry ahead of Jerome Collins.

 --At cornerback opposite Shane Walton: This was an interesting one. Clifford Jefferson was the leader going into two-a-days. Now, it looks like Jason Beckstrom, injury free, may have wrested the No. 1 spot from him. Davie all but gave the starter's role to Beckstrom after the scrimmage Sunday night, but then he hedged. Figure the job from here on out is Beckstrom's to lose. Vontez Duff may be No. 2. Jefferson may fall to No. 3.

 "Jason Beckstrom has come back. He's healthy, he's made some big plays," said Davie. "It's too early to say Jason Beckstrom, but it wouldn't surprise me if over the next week, he jumps up and wins that position."

 --Strong safety: Gerome Sapp has had an "excellent training camp," according to Davie. What hurts, however, is that Sapp missed the first scrimmage because of an undisclosed injury. Ron Israel has been hampered by a chronic groin problem, even though he has had surgery for it. Davie says "it's close" between Sapp and Israel.

 --Free Safety: Donald Dykes is the leader. Glenn Earl also missed the Sunday scrimmage due to an undisclosed injury. That, said Davie, makes Dykes the clear leader.

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