Davie Sings A Different Tune On QBs

Bob Davie would really like to be able to designate a No. 1 quarterback behind Matt LoVecchio going into the Nebraska opener. So far, neither Carlyle Holiday nor Jared Clark have shown enough to give him a clear-cut choice. So, now, Davie apparently will bide his time before filling in the depth chart. IrishEyes has the report from Sunday's scrimmage.

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August 27, 2001

 Davie Changes Tune About No. 2 QBs

By The IrishEyes.Com NewsService

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (IE) -- After 10 days of practice, head coach Bob Davie is singing a little bit different tune about his quarterbacks.

 Matt LoVecchio is still No. 1 going into Nebraska. In fact, Davie indicated LoVecchio has pulled himself farther ahead of Carlyle Holiday and Jared Clark, LoVecchio's sophomore classmates and both highly touted out of high school.

 "I just feel very confident right now that Matt LoVecchio is No. 1 and I'm glad that he's emerged as a clear-cut No. 1," said Davie after Sunday night's scrimmage. "So, it's a positive."

One of the few positives from a scrimmage that saw only one upperclass tailback able to perform, several fumbles, poor kickoffs and poor field goal kicking.

 Read between the lines. What Davie is really saying is that he wishes that either Jared Clark or Carlyle Holiday would have distinguished himself to be a clear-cut No. 2. Davie wants a No. 2. He, at one time, believed that it was important to designate a No. 2 about a week or two after pre-season practice so that the No. 2 quarterback could begin getting quality reps in the event something befelled LoVecchio.

But Davie also is a realist. He is not going to rush himself into a proclamation. Hence, there may be no pronouncement on who is a No. 2 quarterback until later—much later.

 Davie wished otherwise. He gave LoVecchio only about 10 snaps in the scrimmage. The rest went to Holiday and Clark—both of whom worked with the first offensive unit. They didn't impress.

 "Jared did some excellent things," Davie said in the tunnel after practice in the stadium. "The problem is he put the ball on the ground a couple of times. Carlyle showed some athleticism.

"As far as throwing the football, we didn't throw the football efficiently or effectively all night. But both those guys did some things."

 Davie apparently has pushed back the timetable as to when, if he ever does, declare a No. 2.

"I don't think there's' that much urgency on that, really," he said. "It's clear to all of us right now that Matt LoVecchio is No. 1. Other than people wanting to know, I don't know if there is a real reason to have an urgency when it comes to that.

"You'd love to have one guy step up and make it easy on the coaches. I don't' know if that's going to happen based on tonight's effort. You see the same things.

"Jared made some great plays and some great throws. Carlyle showed extreme quickness a couple of times on some plays. So, it's going to be difficult. What I'm not going to do is say this guy is No. 2 or this is guy is No. 3 just to appease whoever it is I'm supposed to be appeasing. If we don't know, we don't know.

"We didn't do much very efficient tonight."



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