Notre Dame Won't Reveal Findings

Notre Dame announced today through university release that it will not make public individual judgements from a recently concluded investigation regarding academic dishonesty.

The university will maintain its policy of confidentiality by not releasing results, though student-athletes are free to release the results should they so choose.

Included in the release was confirmation that Notre Dame could self-sanction if it deems such action appropriate.

"If it is determined that student-athletes would have been ineligible during past competition, Notre Dame will voluntarily impose appropriate sanctions, report our findings to the NCAA, and await its independent review," said Paul J. Browne, vice president for public affairs and communications.

"Due to the complexity of cases involving multiple disciplines, comprehensive honesty committees were impaneled to review memoranda and extensive exhibits compiled in connection with the general counsel's initial inquiry, interview witnesses and the subjects of the hearings, and potentially impose sanctions subject to appeal," Browne said in the release. "A faculty reporter was also appointed to review voluminous material collected during the general counsel's investigation to identify cases for the comprehensive committees' review."

Notre Dame announced on August 15 that DaVaris Daniels, Kendall Moore, Keivarae Russell, and Ishaq Williams would be withheld from team practices and games until the investigation was completed. Senior Eilar Hardy's name was added to the quartet on August 28.

Moore is a graduate student who obtained his Notre Dame degree in the spring of 2014. The remaining players are seniors.

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