Tailgate Fan will get you hungry for Saturday

Tailgate Fan is a weekly show highlighting all you pigskin tossing and pig-part eating lunatics. Watch, laugh, drool, repeat.

Every week, Tailgate Fan host Nick Stevens travels around the country to have beer and barbecue forced down his throat by the craziest college football tailagters in the country. Tough gig, huh?

Watch Nick's latest trip to Notre Dame, then read Scout's hard-hitting interview with the man some have called the Barbara Walters of kielbasa eating.

Scout: So Nick, just who do you think you are?
My name is Nick Stevens. I'm a huge sports fan and native Masshole (yeah, I root for the Patriots...I'll wait for you to pass judgment...we cool?) I grew up watching way too much sports growing up with my gambling dad and tolerant mother. I've also dabbled in comedy for years and love being in environments where people eat and drink to excess. It's kinda the thing we as Americans do best. (Besides spend beyond our means and blame others for our problems.) So, when the opportunity to go hang out with football fans at their tailgates, barge in and eat and drink their goods and then say something funny about it came up, naturally I Lambeau Leaped into the greasy waiting arms of the job of a lifetime. The only drawback are the meat sweats I get every Saturday night when we fly home. Putting away 8,000 calories every Saturday is a small price to pay for glory.

What's with this Tailgate Fan show?
Our goal each week is to show you what it's like to engage in pre-game pigskin partydom all over the country, at every major college, pro football team and anywhere an event begs rocking out before showtime. We lay out who to meet, what to eat, where to go and who to know so that when you finally go to (insert school or pro team stadium here) you can kick ass with propane gas like you've been giving up your Saturdays or Sundays in the name of debauchery and decadence for decades.

Where have you seen the craziest fans?
The craziest fans have been, for college, at Texas A&M, for sheer volume and intensity, and at The U of Miami, because they party like it's the end of the world, or like the James Franco movie "Spring Breakers", every Saturday. It's filthy and fabulous. In the pros? Hands down the Browns. Being terrible for so long has taught them how to be appreciative of being good finally. But it also taught them how to party, because rooting for the Browns, and living in Cleveland? That's not much to look forward to. The Muni Lot there is the best tailgate in all football.

Where have you had the best food?
College - LSU, and it's not even close. Bayou soul food with the New Orleans twist has me wiping my laptop off just thinking about it. I've had some good eats in the Midwest,surprisingly (how can anyone go wrong with biscuit dough breakfast pizza with three cheeses and four meats?), and really all over the south. The SEC should stand for Spectacular Eating Conference.

Pros - Houston. Everything is bigger n Texas. That includes the ribs, brisket and size of your belly after 6 hours of beer and BBQ in the deep Texas sun.

How do we get your job?
Murder, a time machine or the heart attack I'm probably three tailgates away from. You should see what I eat and drink when I'm home! Sniffing lines of kale. Mainlining wheat grass. Kombucha showers. It's brutal and swampy to stay in tailgate fan shape.

Give us your upset pick of the week:
Texas A&M beats Ole Miss at home, further muddying the SEC and CFB waters. Ole Miss fans use the goal posts they dragged out of the stadium last Saturday after beating Alabama to hang themselves from Saturday night.

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