Additional Answers in ND Academic Probe

Senior wide receiver DaVaris Daniels confirmed today widespread speculation that he would no longer be part of the Notre Dame football team or university for the 2014 season and fall semester.

Daniels announced his status through a pair of tweets late Tuesday morning, though both followed an initial tweet from his father, Phillip.

"Finally after over 4 months my son got an answer! He is done at Notre Dame and will weigh his options for the future! #HeIsNDNoMore

Daniels followed his father's announcement with two tweets, 37 minutes apart.

"Thanks to everyone who supported, I appreciate it and now it's time to strap up for bigger things!"

Followed by: "Not looking to transfer. ND was my team. ND is where my heart was. Unfortunately my time here is done, ready for my future."

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly said he hadn't seen his former wide receiver's tweets, sent minutes prior to his weekly noon press conference.

Kelly said he's heard from just two of the five players, junior Keivarae Russell and Ishaq Williams. Russell spoke to Kelly last week and announced his intentions to reapply to the university for the 2015 fall semester and season. Kelly indicated Williams, a senior, would like to do the same.

"He would like to be back as well."

The status of senior Eilar Hardy and 5th-year senior Kendall Moore, a graduate student, have not been made public and will not be by Notre Dame. Kelly was not asked about either at today's press conference, though he was again pressed about the ongoing nature of an investigation and the scrutiny endured because of it during a 6-0 start on the field.

"I just think that we've handled it with the right amount of respect and the right amount of understanding we all have to tend to our own business," said Kelly. "We miss our teammates, we care for them, but yet we have our own lives that we have to move on, and our guys clearly understood that, and they're here to get a degree and play football for Notre Dame."

Kelly lauded his remaining players for their ability to stay above the social media fray.

"The easiest thing would be for them to be out on social media taking a side," he said. "They've stayed away from doing that. They've handled themselves with great maturity in a very difficult situation. So I think it's been really the way we've handled it internally that has allowed them to stay focused on themselves and their teammates and doing their job on a day-to-day basis."

Kelly offered that Russell and Williams will not remain at the university to finish their fall or upcoming spring semesters (it is clear Daniels will not as well). The head coach noted multiple times throughout the fall semester's first quarter (ending this week) that the suspended players were "still going to classes."

By withdrawing mid-semester, Fall 2014 can serve as the first part of a two semester suspension, allowing a return for Summer 2015 and next fall. By remaining at the school in Fall 2014, a two-semester suspension would thus apply to Spring 2015 and Fall 2015.

Hardy's intentions are not known, nor are Moore's, a spring 2014 graduate with a film, television and theatre degree.

At approximately 1:15 pm (EDT), nearly two hours following his initial announcement, Phillip Daniels also tweeted the following

“#Irish fans. There is an option for DaVaris to return in 2015 and that is being considered as well. Sometimes you gotta see through the fog!”

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