Post-game: Brey, Grant, Auguste, Connaughton

NOTRE DAME, Ind. - Following Notre Dame's 92-53 win over Navy, Irish head coach Mike Brey and players Jerian Grant, Zach Auguste and Pat Connaughton met with the media.

Mike Brey post-game comments

- On the status of Austin Burgett (left ankle):

Brey: "He'll be alright by Wednesday. I just wanted to ice it right away. He's really given us good stuff. I think a couple days."

- On Notre Dame being able to build upon a lead:

Brey: "It was great because you can't get away from them. Michigan State could never get away from them. For us to methodically defend them and then put 56 on the board, that's a heck of a 20 minutes for us. Can we methadolically build? And, we did that today. You can't let up defensively. I hope we got some maturity in that area now. We have some talented guys offensively. I think at times before, when we weren't in a great rhythm offensively, it affected the way we played defense. I thought we made great progress in that area this summer. We can really rely on our guarding no matter what we're doing offensively."

- On the defense:

Brey: "Kills are three stops in a row. We had 10 today. We give them the updates on kills all of the time. That was probably the thing they were most pleased about today when I told them."

- On production from the bench:

Brey: "Great lift for us. I was really happy to see (V.J.) Beachem score, and he needs to. (Martin) Geben just as a solid as a defender. Gets people open. Makes impact in game in a short time."

- On Zach Auguste and Demetrius Jackson:

Brey: "For Zach, I love the fact he's scoring. Still a work in progress in defending the post. Demetrius was a little loose with the ball. He knows it. He's his harshest critic."

- On downshifting in size:

Brey: "We weren't getting much out of our low post. We did down-shift at the end of the first half. (Austin) Burgett has been so solid. He's the perfect guy to be our biggest guy when we downshift. We can set a ball screen for Jackson or Grant late in the clock. Now, in the second half, we played the same way with Martin and Zach. Cut, cut, ball screen and roll hard."

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