Post-game comments: Brian Kelly

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly spoke with the media following Notre Dame's 49-14 loss to USC.

Injury updates from Brian Kelly --

Everett Golson - No physical limitations
Max Redfield – Broken rib, will get an MRI to further examine liver and spleen
Jay Hayes – High ankle sprain
Greer Martini – Quad injury
Austin Collinsworth – Re-separated shoulder

-- If Everett Golson will still be the starter going forward:

“I really don’t have an answer for you. We tried to get a spark offensively, and I think we did that (with Malik Zaire). I don’t think we punted while he was in the game. He missed some things in the red zone, which was to be anticipated it being his first time.

This is not just a quarterback situation. We have to remember where we are after today’s loss. It’s a red-letter day for our football players and coaches alike. Two years we were playing for the national championship. Today, we got our butts kicked. Having said that, we have a lot of young players, and I’m confident in the direction where they want to go.”

-- Asked if the end of the season has been baffling to him:

“No, we knew we were short-handed. Lost a lot of players on defense over the past five games. Having to play so many freshmen on defense, we haven’t been able to stop anybody. It’s been difficult for us.”

-- On how the offense has finished the year:

“We played pretty good most of the year. Today, we got down 21 and it made for an uphill run today.”

-- On the confidence level of his young squad:

"They got punched in the nose today. You want to see a response. They’re young, but I want to see some bite, too. The bowl preparation, we’re going to have to see a response. All jobs are available."

-- On Greg Bryant:

“It was nice to get him in and get him some more touches, and those were our intentions. Thought he ran well. The more he gets in the game, the more comfortable he is running the ball. He’s a nice addition to a backfield where obviously we feel like those kids are getting better and better.” Top Stories