Irish vs. Tigers: The Numbers Game and go head-to-head projecting the game-within-the-game in Tuesday's Franklin American Mortgage Company Music City Bowl.

Only one pair of numbers ultimately matters to fans of both LSU and Notre Dame as the teams prepare to knock heads in Tuesday's Music City Bowl: the final score. 

(Well, that and potentially the point spread, should you find yourself in Las Vegas prior to kickoff.)

But myriad factors will determine what the season's final W-L ledger reads as 2014 comes to a close for both programs in Nashville, and publishers Tim O'Malley and Ben Love have a few tell-tale statistics for fans to monitor along the way. 

Leonard Fournette Rushing Yards: Over/Under 125.5 
-- Love: Under. It will be close, just a lot of mouths to feed for LSU.
-- O'Malley: Over. Feed the Beast.

More Total Snaps: Malik Zaire or Everett Golson
-- Love: Zaire, especially after Kelly’s announcement Monday.
-- O'Malley: Zaire, but it might be better for 2015 competition if it's Golson

Notre Dame's Nyles Morgan: Over/Under 10.5 tackles
-- Love: Over. LSU gives Mike ‘backers lots of chances.
-- O'Malley: Over. Perhaps in both halves.

Notre Dame's Jaylon Smith: Over/Under 10.5 tackles
-- Love: Under. Another close call, though.
-- O'Malley: Over. And all over the field.

LSU's Danielle Hunter, Kendell Beckwith, and Kwon Alexander combined tackles-for-loss: 4.5
-- Love: Over. Hunter’s dynamite at it, even from backside.
-- O'Malley: Over. The Irish have a first-time starter at RT.

Notre Dame's Will Fuller Receiving Yards: Over/Under 75.5
-- Love: Over. LSU’s secondary is stout, but this guy can play.
-- O'Malley: Over. No one has covered Fuller this season.

LSU's Anthony Jennings Combined Rushing/Passing: O/U 150.5
-- Love: Over. Went over 100 rushing last game, half of that gets him home.
-- O'Malley: Just over as the Irish load up vs. the RBs.

LSU Rushing TD's: O/U 3.5
-- Love: Under. By a half.
-- O'Malley: Over (4)

LSU Rushing Attempts: O/U 50.5 
-- Love: Under. Irish will attempt ball control, too. Lowers bottom line.
-- O'Malley: Over, and if it's under, shame on Les Miles!

Notre Dame Rushing Attempts: O/U 35.5
-- Love: Over. But barely, and because of reason above.
-- O'Malley: Under. Brian Kelly can't help himself.

Total Tackles for Loss LSU: Over/Under 6.5
-- Love: Over. New QB, more ND rushes means more chances for LSU.
-- O'Malley: Over.

Notre Dame Quarterbacks Passing Yards: Over/Under 249.5 
-- Love: Under. Fuller may get his but tough to spread wealth on Tigers.
-- O'Malley: Under, especially with Zaire starting.

Notre Dame Rushing Yards: Over/Under 125.5
-- Love: Over. By a few yards.
-- O'Malley: Over, but barely.

Total Touchdowns Scored, Both Teams: Over/Under 7.5
-- Love: Under. By either a half or one-and-a-half.
-- O'Malley: Under, I'll say 6-7

Total Interceptions by both teams: Over/Under 2.5
-- Love: Under. LSU limits Anthony Jennings’ exposure too much.
-- O'Malley: Over. Irish are good for two rolling out of bed.

Total Turnovers committed by both teams: Over/Under 3.5
-- Love: Under. But this might be most uncertain answer.
-- O'Malley: Over (fumbles are inevitable)

Total Points Scored: Over/Under 52.5
-- Love: Under. If I were setting line would be closer to 47.5.
-- O'Malley: Just under.

If LSU Wins, Margin is: Over/Under 7.5 
-- Love: Over. Tigers pretty good at salting out leads.
-- O'Malley: Over. If Sheldon Day isn't about 90 percent, they'll triple it.

If Notre Dame Wins, Margin is: Over/Under 3.5
-- Love: Under. Maybe? Doesn’t feel like Irish can win this one big.
-- O'Malley: Under, though a four-point win at the end is certainly possible. Top Stories