USAAAB: Cronkrite has decisions to make

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Running back Jordan Cronkrite discusses the programs still in the mix to land him and what's next on his agenda in the visit process.

Running back Jordan Cronkrite of Miami (Fla.) Westminster is still considering a number of schools.

"West Virginia, Notre Dame, Louisville, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Florida, depending on what happens with the new coaches," Cronkrite said.

The 5-foot-11, 205-pound back has taken two officials thus far - to Notre Dame and West Virginia. He'll take an official to Louisville on Jan. 16, and the other two spots are still up for grabs.

"I'll probably decide on signing day after I take all of my visits," Cronkrite said. "I don't know exactly where my last two will be, but they'll be to the schools that I already mentioned."

The former Miami commit took an official visit to Notre Dame in December.

"It's a great football school with tradition, and you can't go wrong with the academics," Cronkrite said. "I talk with Coach (Tony) Alford pretty much every day. He tells me they want me really badly, so I'm taking him for his word."

The Florida Gators are a program to recently jump back in the mix to land Cronkrite.

"From the old coaching staff that was there, I had an offer," Cronkrite said. "I talked to the new head coach (Jim Mcelwein) when he came down to our school and talked to me and Tim Irwin. He said he's very interested in me going there. He knows I've had recent discussions about staying in Florida. But, it's not a huge deal to me staying in the state of Florida."

Should the Gators further pursue Cronkrite with an offer, would the Gators become his leader?

"I wouldn't say that, but it would be something I would look into a lot," Cronkrite said.

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