Hiestand makes Bredeson priority

Four-star junior Ben Bredeson likes four Midwest power programs. Notre Dame dispatched Harry Hiestand to school last week while other coaches have also visited. The top offensive lineman plans to follow up with spring and summer visits.

Ben Bredeson’s recruitment has already taken shape.

During football season the four-star junior offensive lineman from Hartland, Wis., started working with a tentative top three that included Michigan, Notre Dame and Wisconsin. Ohio State has since jumped into that mix thanks to a national championship run.

Other scholarship offers include Iowa, Iowa State, Michigan State, N.C. State, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers and Tennessee. But Bredeson feels comfortable with a group of four up top.

“Ohio State is in there too,” Bredeson said. “Obviously, you win a national title. You can’t rule them out. It’s like those four and that’s it for now. It’s not limited to that. If some school comes in that I like that I haven’t heard from, they could pop in too. It’s basically just those four.”

All those programs have been keeping tabs on the 6-foot-5, 280-pound prospect even during the run up to National Signing Day for the senior class.

Wisconsin visited each week of the contact period with new head coach Paul Chryst stopping Friday at Arrowhead High School. Ohio State sent offensive coordinator and line coach Ed Warinner. Notre Dame dispatched offensive line coach Harry Hiestand last week. Michigan and Michigan State have also made appearances.

Hiestand has kept in regular contact since the Irish played host during the season for their win over Michigan, where Bredeson’s brother is committed to play baseball.

“We talk all the time,” Bredeson said. “He’s a great guy. We’re both extremely interested in each other. I’m definitely gonna get back to Notre Dame a few times this spring or summer and then for some games this fall, obviously. We keep tabs on each other. Notre Dame is a serious contender and I love it down there. It’s a top option for a reason and they bring in top talent for a reason. It’s something I’d like to be a part of possibly.”

Michigan sent offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Tim Drevno to school and also got Bredeson on the phone with new head coach Jim Harbaugh. Bredeson’s brother met Harbaugh on a campus visit as well.

“I talked to Harbaugh and I thought he was a real genuine guy,” Bredeson said. “He seems like a good guy. My brother was out there for one of his baseball recruiting trips for the Wisconsin-Michigan basketball game last week. He was out there for that and he met with Harbaugh and kinda talked to him. He likes him, so that means a lot.”

Right now Bredeson has no junior day visits or other plans set as he continues on with basketball season, although the plan is to make some return trips to the top four contenders in particular then if things line up come to a decision before football starts back up.

Getting to know new coaches at familiar programs is top priority.

“The school doesn’t change but the staffs are all coming in and out,” Bredeson said. “I’ve just gotta meet people and reevaluate who I want to be around and if I fit in. That’s what I’m doing now. It’s nice when the coaches can come to my school because it saves me a trip when I get to meet them then. But I’m still gonna go out there and follow up and see what these staffs are like.”

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