Tracing their roots

Where has Notre Dame found talent under Brian Kelly? We took a look at the signing classes from 2010-2015 for a six-year snapshot of Notre Dame’s recruiting geography.

There are enough recruiting statistics to support virtually any argument.

But, no matter how you spin it, no school recruits better nationally than Notre Dame.

Here’s a look at the signing classes in the Brian Kelly era (2010-2015) to provide a six-year snapshot. That’s 133 signees in six cycles, including the shared class between Brian Kelly and Charlie Weis in 2010.

-- Notre Dame signed players from 28 different states from 2010-2015. This year’s class featured players from 13 unique states, the biggest geographic variety of any Top 25 class on

-- Each year, the number of states with just one signee adds up to a greater total number than the state with the most represented signees. The highest number of signees from one state in one class was five from Ohio in 2010. Florida had four in 2010 and 2013, Ohio had four in 2011, and Indiana had four in 2015.

-- There was at least one signee from Indiana in every class. As nationally as Notre Dame recruits, Kelly has done an outstanding job of keeping local talent home. The upcoming year could be an outlier, however. 

-- Will Ohio continue to be a big part of Notre Dame’s bread and butter with the recent success of Ohio State? And, will the departure of Kerry Cooks lead to a slide in Texas? My guess is Florida and California experience an even bigger increase of recruiting action in coming years, especially if Tony Alford sticks around and Mike Denbrock returns to the West Coast. Illinois has been a constant throughout. Keep an eye on Georgia, too. Scott Booker is picking up steam in the Peach State, and the Irish have a home-and-home scheduled with the Bulldogs in 2017 and 2019.

-- Notre Dame has plucked the greatest number of players from the following states from 2010-2015: Ohio (18), Florida (14), Indiana (13), California (10), Illinois (10), Texas (10) and New Jersey (6).

A year-by-year breakdown:

(24 SIGNEES) – AVG. STAR 3.71
No. 7 class in Scout rankings                                                                                               

Four: Indiana
Three: Illinois, Ohio.
Two: California, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada
One: Idaho, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas

(23 SIGNEES) – AVG. STAR 3.74
No. 6 class in Scout rankings

Three: Illinois, Ohio, Texas
Two: Indiana, New Jersey, New York
One: California, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia

(23 SIGNEES) -- AVG. STAR 3.87
No. 5 class in Scout rankings

Four: Florida
Three Texas
Two: Ohio, Pennsylvania
One: California, Georgia, Washington D.C., Minnesota, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, Indiana, Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey

(17 SIGNEES) -- AVG. STAR 3.71
No. 16 class in Scout rankings

Three: Indiana
Two: North Carolina
One: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, California, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, New York

(23 SIGNEES) -- AVG. STAR 3.61
No. 8 class in Scout rankings

Four: Ohio
Three: California
Two: Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Indiana
One: Georgia, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Michigan

(23 SIGNEES) -- AVG. STAR 3.17
No. 19 class in Scout rankings

Five: Ohio
Four: Florida
Two: California, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina
One: Utah, New Jersey, Indiana, Hawaii, Colorado, Georgia Top Stories