Brey watches Australian big

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Four-star junior center Isaac Humphries played well Wednesday in front of Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey, an indication of how the recruiting process has picked up over the last couple months.

Every week gone by makes Isaac Humphries a little more comfortable.

Humphries, a four-star junior center from Australia, relocated state side this season and enrolled at La Lumiere School in nearby La Porte. He made an on-court debut in December at the City of Palms Classic, joining a program that already boasts several high major prospects.

Since then Humphries has been settling into life at La Lumiere and American basketball in general.

“Back home in Australia it’s just slower and structured,” Humphries said. “We’re not athletic or quick. Some people are but not anything like this. We’re more brain players I guess. We use our heads and we’re slow and structured. Over here it’s quick and athletic pretty much.”

Humphries showed more progress Wednesday as La Lumiere captured a 62-50 win over St. Joseph High School, located barely a mile south of Notre Dame. He scored 16 points on 8-of-9 shooting from the floor and added seven rebounds, four of which came on the offensive end.

Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey watched from the stands, an indication of the attention Humphries has drawn in recruiting circles since arriving in the United States.

Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah are just some scholarship offers on the table. Duke, Florida, Kentucky and Michigan State are among the long list of programs also talking with the 7-footer on a regular basis.

“It’s different from when I was at home just because I’m in country and it’s easier for them to access me,” Humphries said. “It’s blown up. It’s ridiculous having every school in the country call you and speak to you. It’s such a surreal thing. It’s a weird feeling. But it’s happening, so I may as well go with it. It’s not like it’s gonna go away.”

Humphries keeps up communication with Notre Dame and has been on campus twice. He and his mother made a stop last spring. Humphries returned earlier this season alongside La Lumiere teammate Nolan Narain for the Virginia game.

Narain is a four-star power forward with Illinois, Gonzaga and San Diego State among the options.

“It was good,” Humphries said. “It was my second college game, so I was obviously getting used to the whole atmosphere and everything. But it was interesting. There was a lot to watch. I can see myself playing there.”

Humphries has been keeping up with the Irish a bit this season and checking in with the coaching staff.

“I know it’s a really good academic school,” Humphries said. “On the court, I don’t know too much about it. I know the coaches. I speak to the coaches every now and then. But I don’t really know too much about colleges because I just don’t.”

Right now Humphries has no other visits planned and likely won’t until the offseason when his mother plans to join him for campus trips. Until then Humphries plans to manage the process as best he can.

“I think I like to be recruited face to face,” Humphries said. “I don’t like the phone calls and stuff like that. It’s just better for me when they come up to school, speak to me and tell me what they’re offering I guess. They call my coach and if they want to speak to me I’ll just speak with them on the phone. My main thing is just having a relationship with the head coach or the coach that’s gonna look after me mostly if I was to go to that school.” Top Stories