Cuffee sees ‘great program’

Four-star defensive back Eric Cuffee landed an offer from Notre Dame this week and feels like its reputation carries some weight. The Irish staff will try to work their way into the mix with some regional programs.

Things moved quickly between Notre Dame and Eric Cuffee, a four-star cornerback.

Cuffee started hearing from the Irish coaching staff earlier this week. Before it ended he talked with offensive coordinator Mike Sanford, defensive backs coach Todd Lyght and defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder while receiving a scholarship offer. 

“They were filling me in on some stuff,” Cuffee said. “Quite a bit of stuff. They don’t have a lot of DBs in the backfield just now. They’re looking hard for DBs. That’s basically it, that they’re looking hard for DBs.”

Notre Dame joins Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, Boise State, Cal, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Purdue, San Diego State, SMU, Stanford, TCU, Texas and Vanderbilt in having offered.

Alabama, Texas A&M and Mississippi State are among the programs showing regular interest.

Cuffee might know more about some of the regional suitors or those involved a little longer, but Notre Dame’s offer comes with a certain amount reputation.

“It’s a great program,” Cuffee said. “It’s definitely a winning tradition I think. Every time I think about Notre Dame I think about winning. It’s a great program.”

Cuffee plans to visit Texas A&M today with trips to Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Alabama in the works. He plans to make a return trip to Texas for a spring practice as well.

Distance from home in Waco, Texas, likely won’t be much of an issue but Cuffee will look close at a couple initial criteria on upcoming visits.

“I’m open to go anywhere,” he said. “Academics and the academic environment and I’m looking for a family-type environment as well.”

Assessing the long term health of each program is also a priority.

“I’m looking for the stability in the coaching staff, how long they’re staying there,” Cuffee said. “If I go to that school, are they gonna be there later on in my career playing for that school possibly? That’s basically what I’m looking for.” Top Stories