Redfield Looks to Pick Up Where He Left Off

The 2014 season was an all-or-nothing effort for Irish sophomore safety Max Redfield. Most expect 2015 to be more of the former after a mid-November fall and return to grace thereafter.

Film reviews by people outside the coaching realm are admittedly open to interpretation, but a look back at Irish safety Max Redfield's 2014 season through our lens paints an accurate picture of his 13-game efforts.

Two top 10 player performances -- superb efforts against Michigan and LSU -- and…no other mentions.

A player with Redfield's intelligence, athleticism, and penchant for the physical should not have endured such highs and lows.

"Max Redfield had a terrific bowl game," said head coach Brian Kelly. "It all came together for him in that game where we saw the realization of athletic ability with football knowledge. There (had been) a bit of a disconnect there. There was this real field safety, range safety, athletic ability, but not getting that football piece put together.

"We really saw that (against LSU) with the physicality. So we would be disappointed, and I know he would be disappointed, if we didn't see that (this spring). We want to see that same kind of trend we saw with Everett (Golson) -- we want to see that with him."

Last season was Redfield's first as not only a starter, but a regular scrimmage competitor. Relegated to special teams as a freshman for reasons that are now clear, his first foray at safety was marked by peaks and valleys:

-- Game Two: 6 tackles and an interception vs. Michigan in an outstanding overall effort.
-- Game Five: 10 tackles against North Carolina, a number offset by a rough day patrolling the back end.
-- Game Nine: 9 tackles at Arizona State -- a performance that resulted in a two-game benching thereafter.
-- Games 10-11: One total tackle over the ensuing two-game set vs. Northwestern and Louisville, contests in which his replacements struggled mightily -- just not enough for Redfield's coaching staff to re-insert the athlete into action.
-- Bowl Game: A team-high 14 stops vs. LSU, three of which saved Tigers touchdowns.

Kelly, Redfield, and the rest of the Irish believe his final 2014 performance will be one that carries over into the spring and through the fall.

"The spring is to build on the kind of success he had with LSU," Kelly continued. "It's really setting that bar, and continuing to see that practice after practice, so it becomes confidence."

If Kelly's correct, far more highs than lows are on tap for Notre Dame's dynamic back-line athlete. Top Stories