Shannon: ‘It was a no-brainer’

Long snapper John Shannon always knew Notre Dame would be the choice if an offer came. Turns out it did Saturday during Junior Day, straight from Brian Kelly. Shannon will follow in the steps of his grandfather and father, who played for Gerry Faust in the 1980s.

Irish Illustrated: First, walk me through the day a little bit in terms of what they had the Junior Day visitors doing.

John Shannon: Coach (Scott) Booker wanted us to be there a little early for the specialist meeting. That started at 9, so we left home pretty early. We got there and we went through some meetings then we went over to the practice. It was the first day in pads, so we watched them hit and do some tackling drills and that stuff. Then we went over to the stadium, had some lunch and got a tour of the facilities and all that. They pulled me and my family aside and took me up to coach (Brian) Kelly’s office and that’s where he offered me.

II: So as youre going up to his office are you anticipating whats about to happen?

JS: I was kind of mixed. I’m more of a guy that tries to plan for the worst and hope for the best. But after he did it was definitely a relief for sure.

II: What was coach Kellys message to you and your family besides delivering the offer?

JS: We talked about what Notre Dame has to offer and what they like in me and how they’ve been watching me ever since summer camp last year. Those were some of the things he talked about.

II: Was it an on-the-spot commitment or did you sit on it a little bit?

JS: No, it was right there. That’s always where I’ve wanted to go since I was a little kid. It was a no-brainer for me.

II: Whats it like now realizing that youll go from watching games as a kid to participating in them later?

JS: I remember when I was six years old going down to the USC games and the Michigan games in South Bend and throwing the ball around with my cousins and tailgating. To think I’m gonna be playing there for the next four or five years is just really awesome.

II: When it comes to running out of that tunnel as a player what comes to mind?

JS: Goosebumps. That’s probably the one thing. I’ve watched it on TV and seen it live. To think that I’m gonna be doing that next year is just really awesome.

II: What were some of your big takeaways from Junior Day as a whole and what they showed you guys?

JS: They were showing us all the programs and stuff they have to offer like nutrition, tutors and all that good stuff. That was definitely cool. I wasn’t aware of all the extensive stuff they offer to student-athletes like personal nutritionists and tutors every day and all that good stuff.

II: What has current long snapper Scott Daly told you about his transition to Notre Dame?

JS: He’s been a big help. He’s kinda guided me and pushed me along through the process. Through the ups and downs he’s been there giving me advice and telling me to be patient and just reminding me it’s a process and that in the end it will work out, which it did. He was right.

II: Whats your background in long snapping? Something youve always done?

JS: I’ve been doing it since like seventh grade. It’s been something, I started going to camps freshman year. I really started getting into it then. But yeah, it’s always been a big part of my high school life for sure.

II: When did you realize it was going to be something that facilitated a college career too?

JS: Probably when I went to my first (Chris) Rubio camp. That’s when I got ranked. I think my first camp I got ranked like fifth. After that I started climbing and I think I got rated No. 1. I’ve been ranked No. 1 ever since then. Just going to the camps and seeing all the older guys and the schools they’ve gone to and the success they’ve had, it just kinda opened doors in my mind that I could do it too.

II: How would you break down your own game?

JS: One of the things I’ve always prided myself on is my snap speed. That’s something Rubio has always said he liked about me. My consistency from when I first started to now, it’s gotten tremendously better. That’s something that I’ve always been working on. Those are probably the main things. Top Stories