Brown high on Irish after visit

Three-star linebacker Cameron Brown liked what he saw during a two-day visit to Notre Dame. Brown hasn’t identified a short list but the Irish stated a case for making the cut later this spring.

A two-day visit put Notre Dame in a good spot with three-star linebacker Cameron Brown.

The 6-foot-5, 225-pounder from The Bullis School in Potomac, Md., has yet to identify a short list but Notre Dame made a strong case for being included in the future.

“I definitely love it,” Brown said. “The coaches were great and the players were great. The campus was lovely and everything else was great about it so far. It’s definitely up there. It’s very strong in my favorites right now. I don’t really have any per se or a top five or anything, but they definitely caught my eye.”

Brown and his mother arrived in South Bend on Friday and spent part of that day touring campus and talking with academic support personnel.

“Everything was good,” Brown said. “I just met with an academic advisor and spoke to him about everything. Then I got a slight tour, a walk around campus for a second, and that was pretty much it. I hung around the hotel for a little bit.”

Brown left campus on Friday with a better understanding of Notre Dame’s expectations for its student-athletes.

“He made a lot of strong points, a lot of impressive points. Notre Dame is very strong on academics,” he said. “They definitely focus on players being independent by the end of their sophomore year. He wanted everybody to understand that we are all here for a reason, not just football.”

On Saturday, Brown was among the group of top prospects that took part in Junior Day.

The day started with introductions from the coaching staff and position meetings before Notre Dame’s spring practice.

Brown enjoyed seeing the Irish coaching staff in action.

“The coaches were correcting a lot of things they saw on film from the practice before,” he said. “It was definitely very educational to see how the coaches coach and how they correct mistakes. It was mostly coach (Brian) VanGorder. He was doing most of the talking, most of the yelling. He had most of the defense in there all together. He definitely is serious about what he does and he wants to prepare us for the NFL since he comes from there.”

Notre Dame’s staff also set up a panel of current players to share with the visiting prospects their reasons for signing with the Irish and what it’s like to be a part of the Notre Dame family.

“They were pretty much talking about what we would be coming to there and pretty much all the stuff we would rather hear than what the coaches were talking about,” Brown said.

During the trip Brown had the opportunity to meet Irish linebacker Jaylon Smith. He also spent time at practice focused on the former five-star prospect.

“He was physical and went about his business,” Brown said. “He was very serious. He definitely leads by example.”

Later this month Brown will visit several schools in North Carolina. After that he hopes to trim his list for the first time.

“Everybody else is pretty equal at this point,” he said. “Every time I go on a visit the list grows, so pretty much everybody I visited I have loved so far.” Top Stories