Are The Irish Ready?

As the Irish resumed practice in advance of their opener against Nebraska in Lincoln on Saturday night, one single question remains to be answered: are they ready? We're not sure Bob Davie gave the answer; nor that he can. Here's the latest from IrishEyes.

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September 4, 2001

Are The Irish Ready?

By The IrishEyes.Com NewsService

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (IE) – There was only one question for Bob Davie as his Irish resumed practice Monday ahead of their season opener against Nebraska in Lincoln Saturday night: Are they ready?

"That's a million dollar question," Davie responded. "I don't think anyone in coaching [knows what's gong to transpire.] That's the great thing about this game. It's like wiping your slate clean after you come back from one season."

 Talk about wiping the slate clean… Davie couldn't help but mentioning the drubbing Oregon State took at the hands of Fresno State, 44-24, Sunday night. Was that the same OSU team that embarrassed the Irish in the Fiesta Bowl?

"It's like what I said . . . That Fiesta Bowl really doesn't matter," Davie said. "It's what transpires from the Fiesta Bowl to the time we play and I think Oregon State would say the same thing now.

"You just don't know. You wipe the slate clean now going into the first game. We'll know a lot more about this team next week."

 Davie is still excited about the prospects of this team. He hasn't backed down from describing it as the most talented he's had in his five years as head coach; but though the cards be on the table, they have yet to be played.

"I've said all along, I think this is probably the best football team we've had potentially here," Davie said. ""Now, can we stay healthy? How are we going to execute when the lights come on? How is that chemistry and leadership going to be when you get out there in some hostile environments early in the season?"

Davie and the Irish have to wait for the curtain to lift; and, now, it can't happen soon enough. "It's on the players," he said. "The players are the ones right now that I think from just a mental standpoint are going to have to get ready. Theirs is a little bit more bounce in their step."

Let's hope so.

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