Bockhorst set for Irish Invasion

Sophomore offensive lineman Matt Bockhorst visited Notre Dame during the spring and plans to return next month to earn an offer. Bockhorst has remained in close contact with Notre Dame offensive lineman Harry Hiestand.

Sophomore offensive lineman Matt Bockhorst is eager to land an offer from Notre Dame.

The 6-foot-4, 295-pounder from St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati attended an Irish spring football practice session last month and plans to return to South Bend next month for the Irish Invasion.

Bockhorst has remained in close contact with offensive line coach Harry Hiestand, who visited St. Xavier earlier this week, and the two have spoken on the phone several times since Bockhorst’s campus visit.

“I talked to him about a week ago. We had a phone call to catch up,” Bockhorst said. “The visit being after the spring practice we didn’t have much time to chat but on the phone we were able to have a pretty good conversation just talking about the camps and kind of what to expect from the Irish Invasion and the O-Line/D-Line camp. He wants me to meet a lot of the players that will be at the Irish Invasion, current players and guys like (Liam) Eichenberg and (Tommy) Kraemer obviously. I’m looking forward to it.”

Hiestand recommended Bockhorst attend both the elite Irish Invasion camp as well as the more in-depth offensive and defensive line camp the following day.

“I believe the Invasion is a Friday night, I’m not exactly sure, but that’s an evening type of deal and the next morning is the O-line/D-line challenge,” Bockhorst said. “Basically, that’s what he said is where he can actually evaluate me. The Invasion is not the best scene for a true evaluation. It’s not that long of a camp. The next day, the O-line/D-line camp is a full day. There are two sessions and we get good work in. I was at it last year. It’s a great camp and I’m looking forward to it.”

It’s during that camp Bockhorst hopes to earn an offer from the Irish.

Bockhorst recently added offers from Boston College and Vanderbilt after coaches from both schools stopped in Cincinnati.

“Coach (Keven) Lightner from Vanderbilt and coach (Justin) Frye from Boston College were both in to see me work out,” Bockhorst said. “They are both guys I have previously met, which is a good thing. I’m very adamant about building a relationship with the coaches so the more I can see their face and the more they can see mine the better. They came in and saw me workout and I guess they liked what they saw so the offers from those schools came shortly after.”

Bockhorst may hit three other camps this summer.

“I have been in contact with Purdue and we were possibly going to take a visit but we decided to hold that off until June,” he said. “There’s nothing in the near future. My camps, I think I’m going to be doing four camps as of now. I don’t want to overload myself with that but I’m eager to get to some of those schools and show them what I can do and my versatility.” Top Stories