Irish got in early on top lineman

Four-star sophomore offensive lineman Kaden Lyles was among the top performers at The Opening Regional in Oakland last weekend. The Notre Dame target also has drawn the interest of dozens of college coaches.

Sophomore offensive lineman Kaden Lyles landed a scholarship offer from Notre Dame early in the recruiting process and more than a dozen other schools have followed suit.

The 6-foot-3, 300-pound four-star guard from Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, Ariz., showed why last weekend at The Opening Regional in Oakland. analysts Greg Biggins and Brandon Huffman named Lyles as one of the top 10 underclassmen at the event.

“Lyles is one of the top prospects in the West in 2017 and is physically really well put together,” according to the analysts. “He played right guard and showed good feet and stayed low and kept the feet chopping as he took on defenders and technically, he's pretty sound. He struggled a bit with quicker lineman and had a couple of rough one-on-one's early, but then got going late and used his strength to force his defender out.”

Lyles wasn’t as complimentary regarding his performance.

“I feel like I did good but there’s always room to do better,” he said. “I had a lot of fun and enjoyed working with everyone.”

For Lyles, the performance was just another day at the office. He plans to strengthen the weaknesses he uncovered at the camp.

“I did my best working with the coach during the drills that we had and in our one-on-ones. I got into the top five,” he said. “I just have to always keep my base and never turn my shoulders and keep my base square to the line.”

Notre Dame continues to show interest in Lyles as a member of the Irish coaching staff was in attendance at one of Saguaro’s spring practice sessions earlier this month.

“They came by for spring ball a couple weeks ago,” Lyles said. “It was during practice so I didn’t have time with any of the coaches because I was out there practicing but they send quite a few pieces of mail and all that stuff.”

Lyles also recently spoke with coaches at Texas and Alabama.

He hopes to see several schools in the future but that isn’t a priority.

“As of right now I don’t have anything planned but if anything comes up I’ll probably take it and go,” he said. “Right now I don’t have anything planned to do it.”

Lyles has already visited Ohio State, Arizona State and Wisconsin. He’s learned a lot about the Badgers through his brother’s commitment. Kare Lyles, a three-star rising senior quarterback, committed to the Badgers in March.

Having a brother set for Wisconsin makes the school more attractive but Lyles is focused on finding his perfect fit.

“I just have to take it slow and see which schools I’m loving and they love me. It’s all about seeing which coaches are like family and which schools feel like home,” he said. “(Kare being at Wisconsin) matters, but it’s whatever school fits me is for me.” Top Stories