Four-star plots Irish visit

Four-star athlete Chase Lucas has remained in close contact with Notre Dame. He hopes to visit this summer when he visits his father in Chicago.

Four-star athlete Chase Lucas has seen a surge in his recruitment this spring.

The 6-foot-1, 180-pound standout from Chandler High School in Arizona landed an offer from Notre Dame last fall and Texas became the latest of the 15 schools to make their pitch for his services.

“Things are getting really kind of big with my recruiting,” Lucas said. “I got a huge offer from the Texas Longhorns on Tuesday. It’s a big one because it’s such a big school. They have a lot of rich tradition and a lot of amazing coaches and players that passed through. I feel as if Texas is just big football country and I feel as if you get an offer from one of the Texas schools that must means you must be a big time baller because it takes big time ballers to play over there.”

Oregon, USC and Texas A&M passed through the high school in recent days and each could be close to offering.

Notre Dame assistant Todd Lyght has remained in close contact with Lucas throughout the spring and Lucas expects to see the Irish coach again next week.

“Me and him have been messaging back and forth on Twitter and we have been building a very close relationship together,” Lucas said. “He said he’ll be out here to see me.”

Lucas hopes to soon visit Notre Dame.

His father and several other family members live in the Chicago area and a family trip could lead to a stop in South Bend.

“I was born out in Chicago so I have a lot of family out there,” Lucas said. “I know that I’m going back to Chicago to visit so from there I’m just going to go to Notre Dame. I really don’t know when that is because I know my father is out there and I really want to go see him.”

Lucas’ father is a Notre Dame fan and indirectly shares his love for the Irish with his son.

“The day that I got my Notre Dame offer was the day of his birthday and that is his favorite college,” Lucas said. “He gives me little hints but he wants my recruitment to be fully on me. He doesn’t want me to focus on the schools that he or my mom likes. He’s really letting me enjoy the recruiting process but he pushes Notre Dame out there sometimes just to get them above some others. I know that Notre Dame is a really good college and I know they have a lot of rich history as well and the academic part is outstanding over there.”

Lucas plans to give a fair shot to each of the schools on his offer list.

“To be honest, I’m excited about all my offers and I really want to take my recruitment slow,” he said. “I really don’t have a top school that I really like because I really am excited about all my offers and plus I don’t really even know the colleges that are recruiting me that are coming in. I kind of just want to hold off on my top schools probably until like the middle of the season.”

Lucas also plans to visit UCLA, Washington, USC and possibly Texas A&M this off-season. Top Stories