Irish offer a good fit for Quansah

Three-star linebacker Koby Quansah picked up an offer from Notre Dame on Wednesday. The Irish instantly moved into his short list of favorites. Quansah believes he’d be very comfortable in Notre Dame’s pro-style defense and plans to make an official visit this fall.

Koby Quansah waited patiently throughout the spring evaluation period for Notre Dame’s coaching staff to fully evaluate his highlight film and discuss the potential of a scholarship offer.

His patience paid off on Wednesday when he talked with Irish defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder.

“I was talking to coach VanGorder pretty much just getting to know each other a little bit. He told me his family background and I told him mine as well. He told me how he watched my film and loved it and how he’s been hearing a lot of good things from coach Elston and how he believes every word that he says,” said Quansah, a 6-foot-1, 220-pounder from Kingswood Oxford Upper School in West Hartford, Conn. “He also told me that he knew my financial background and standing and wanted me to come up and visit but knew it might not be possible. I told him I’d be able to set up an official if given the opportunity with an offer. He said you definitely have an offer from us now so now I’m in the process of setting up an official.”

Notre Dame’s offer moved the Irish into Quansah’s early short list of favorites.

“I already told coach VanGorder it’s already in my top choices right now,” Quansah said. “I think right now I have a top 10 but I haven’t released it yet. I still have to do my research on a lot of the schools to see what I like. I’ll be visiting some more East Coast teams this summer just because I’m able to drive down and it doesn’t cost too much for me. I should be releasing it soon.”

The Irish are among a group of schools that provide more than just an opportunity to play football. Duke, Rutgers and Michigan also stand a good chance of making Quansah’s first cut thanks to their blend of academics and athletics.

“I’m feeling real good right now,” Quansah said. “It’s just a humbling feeling every time I pick up any offer from anywhere especially with the academics and the opportunity to play the sport I love. It’s just a great feeling.”

Quansah also feels comfortable with the role the Irish project him to play should he sign with Notre Dame in February.

“Coach VanGorder said I could play Will or Mike linebacker but right now he really likes me at Mike because he sees me leading his pro-style defense,” he said. “He loves me at Mike linebacker right now. It’s a great fit. That’s what I’ve been doing all along. I know everything my defense has to do, from the linemen to the DBs. It’s a perfect spot for me.”

Quansah isn’t sure when he’ll make his way to South Bend. That visit will depend on his own football schedule.

“If I have a bye week I’d try to set it up for that date,” he said. “If not, if my coach would let me, I’d set it up for one of the bigger games that Notre Dame will play.” ranks Quansah as the 41st best outside linebacker in the nation. Top Stories