Four-star recaps ND return

Four-star junior tackle Josh Lugg took another visit to Notre Dame on Thursday, his second in the last month. Scott Booker hosted a more personal experience and has Lugg ready to visit again.

Josh Lugg learned a little bit about Notre Dame last month during a camp visit.

Turns out it was just enough to give the four-star junior offensive tackle from Wexford, Pa., an itch to return in short order. Lugg and the entire family made another stop in South Bend on Thursday for a more in-depth, personalized visit.

Tight ends coach Scott Booker, the area recruiter, played host.

“I spent the whole day with coach Booker,” Lugg said. “That was cool because he’s the recruiter for my area. My coach’s father was his head coach in high school, so there’s some connection there. (Harry) Hiestand is on vacation now so I couldn’t talk with him but I called him on the phone. I talked to him when I was at the junior day. I know what kind of coach he is. I love him.”

Lugg took a closer look at campus, specifically Touchdown Jesus and the Basilica. They also toured the facilities and met with Adam Sargent, an academic advisor. Sargent laid out what Lugg could expect from the program away from football.

“He was very, very helpful,” Lugg said. “He talked for 30 straight minutes. We had a list of questions we had for him and we didn’t even have to ask any because he answered them all. He answered all the academic questions I had for the school very easily.”

Hiestand gave Lugg a hands-on experience in the football part of things last month.

The 6-foot-6, 280-pound prospect worked with Hiestand during camp then scored a scholarship offer soon after. Hiestand reminded Lugg of the tutelage he’d received at North Allegheny High School over the last couple years.

“He’s a great coach,” Lugg said. “Part of the reason I like him so much is his methods and the way he teaches offensive linemen is exactly how my high school offensive line coach teaches me. Very similar in how they want things done and that’s awesome. Old school, run the ball over everybody. That’s what I love.”

Lugg departed Notre Dame for a visit to Tennessee and will wrap up the tour at Virginia Tech before returning home to begin preparation for the season.

Michigan State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, UCLA, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Duke, Maryland, Northwestern, Syracuse and Boston College are some other scholarship offers on the table. Lugg claims no favorites, but does have some schools with which he communicates the most.

“I don’t really have any favorites right now,” he said. “It’s still very early. I do have really good communication with Pitt, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Penn State and Wisconsin. Those are the schools I talk to the most but the other schools I do like too.”

Lugg plans to more or less put recruiting on the shelf during football season, although he does have one game day visit in the works — another trip to Notre Dame for its season opener against Texas.

Otherwise, he doesn’t have a firm time line for a commitment.

“I’ll commit when I’m ready,” Lugg said. “It could be tomorrow or it could be senior year. I don’t have a time, date, timeline. Just whenever I feel I can make the best decision. It’s a life decision. I’m the type of person that once I’m committed, I’m committed. There’s no de-committing from a school.” Top Stories