Shamrock Series: Irish Go Green

When Notre Dame hits Fenway Park it will go all green for the first time in the Shamrock Series while the leprechaun logo will return to the gold helmet.

Notre Dame will dress for the part at Fenway Park.

With the Green Monster set as the backdrop for this year’s Shamrock Series against Boston College, Under Armour made green the dominant color for their newest Irish gear.

Notre Dame will wear green jerseys and green pants that feature blue and gold trim. Jersey numbers will be blue with gold outlines, with the base layer also green with shamrocks on the sleeves. The helmets will have a two-tone stripe down the middle of blue and green.

The helmets feature leprechaun logos on both sides. The Irish had leprechauns on the helmets for the 2012 Shamrock Series against Miami, but the logo was only on one side.

The cleats, socks and gloves will also be green with gold accents.

This year’s gear marks the third time Notre Dame has gone green for the Shamrock Series, following the game at Yankee Stadium against Army and then the next year at FedEx Field against Maryland. Both those green jerseys were produced by Adidas, featured a darker color and were paired with gold pants.

The green look also marks just the second time Notre Dame has matched jersey and pants colors for the Shamrock Series. The Irish went all white against Arizona State two years ago. Top Stories