Incredible bulk: Jamir Jones gets big

Jamir Jones will soon learn how much his off-season work can power his senior year. The Irish commitment will get time on both sides of the ball.

Three-star linebacker Jamir Jones worked hard in the off-season to get bigger, stronger and faster.

Check, check and check.

Now 6-foot-3, 230 pounds, the Notre Dame commitment is eager to kickoff his senior season to see how much his extra strength and size will impact the fall.

“I feel like I gained a lot more weight and got faster in the process,” said Jones, a prospect from Rochester, N.Y. “I’m just excited because this is the heaviest I’ve been. The heaviest I ever played at was like 180 and now I’m 230.”

Jones, whose brother Jarron is a defensive lineman at Notre Dame and out for the year with a knee injury, took the field Saturday in Aquinas Institute’s Maroon and White scrimmage. As a two-way starter, Jones saw limited reps but knows he’ll be ready for the first game on Sept. 5.

“It went well,” he said. “I didn’t really get too much action but it was fun.”

The Aquinas staff has a lot in store for Jones this season.

He’ll start at Will linebacker and also move up to the defensive line in certain situations. He’ll double as a big target on offense by working at wide receiver.

“I’m playing a lot more linebacker this year than last year. I’m getting used to that and running the defense a lot more too,” Jones said. “They’re putting me on the weak side so I can see a lot more blitzes and when we go nickel and stuff like that I’ll move down to defensive end. We’re only a couple weeks in so there’s a lot more for us to put in and learn.”

His off-season training already has paid off and by bulking up without losing speed he feels he’ll have an even bigger advantage against opponents.

“I feel like I have gotten better on my feet,” he said. “I feel quicker, faster and I feel like I can change direction faster. It’s a huge advantage. I’m just working on my route running and trying to get faster and quicker.”

Aquinas has one more scrimmage scheduled before the season opener, which will kick off at the same time as Notre Dame’s game against Texas. Top Stories