Brey makes move on Canadian wing

Mike Brey made a trip to Canada for an in-home visit with Thon Maker, a five-star center. He left with another new target in senior wing Nikola Djogo.

One viewing sold Notre Dame on Nikola Djogo, even if the coaching staff had visited to meet with another prospect.

Head coach Mike Brey made the trek to Mono, Ontario, for an in-home visit with five-star center Thon Maker as the Irish try to secure an official visit. Part of the day included watching Maker scrimmage with Orangeville Prep teammates. Djogo recently joined the team.

Djogo, a senior wing, had unknowingly earned a scholarship offer by the time that scrimmage ended.

“I didn’t talk to Notre Dame at all,” Djogo said. “They came up for an in-home visit with Thon. We were scrimmaging and they were watching us the whole practice. Then they watched the scrimmage. Coach (Brey) loved what I brought to the table and said he was gonna call me sometime next week to talk about visits and that kind of stuff.

“I guess he couldn’t wait. He called me the day after.”

Brey followed up with the 6-foot-6 prospect Tuesday to deliver the news. They talked about the possibility of visiting for the Massachusetts football weekend in a couple weeks, something Djogo has started talking over with his parents.

Djogo would like to follow up on some background knowledge with a first-hand experience on campus.

“I’ve watched them in the tournament and heard about them and their tradition,” Djogo said. “I like the way they play basketball. It kinda fits my style. It’s constant ball movement. They play their guards in a variety of ways — at the one, two or three. They share the ball. They do a lot of off screen reading and just constantly have their offense in movement.”

Other programs involved or expressing interest include Butler, Wichita State and Wisconsin. Djogo expects Tennessee to join Butler and Wichita State in making a stop by school sometime within the next week or two.

He’ll visit Northeastern this weekend and hopes to learn about life in college.

“It’s kinda just the whole feel of the campus, the atmosphere,” Djogo said. “I love looking at the facilities, seeing what they have to offer. Talking with the coaches, meeting the players and then just the whole feel of the community.”

Djogo has been an under-the-radar prospect in part because of an ankle injury that kept him off the summer AAU circuit. With several schools now catching wind of his ability, Djogo plans to string out the recruiting process into spring if nothing changes.

“I’m confident in my ability and the schools that will call on me,” Djogo said. “As much as the recruiting process can be trouble and constant involvement, it’s also interesting. I like talking to other coaches and seeing what schools might be the best fit. If schools really pick up their recruitment and you don’t pay enough attention to them they tend to die down. I like to see what schools stay involved and really want you.” Top Stories