Lyght targets junior Utah safety

Four-star junior safety Chaz Ah You has been hearing plenty from Notre Dame this month. Defensive backs coach Todd Lyght has been keeping in “daily” contact.

Chaz Ah You is figuring out how to manage an updated version of his recruitment.

More coaches have been reaching out to the four-star junior safety from Saratoga Springs, Utah since Sept. 1, when they could begin doing so directly through different social media. Ah You continues to hear from the usual suspects while others — like Notre Dame and Oregon — are starting to creep into the mix.

“All the coaches have been showing a ton of love,” Ah You said. “All the in-state coaches and all my out-of-state offers. There are coaches that are checking up on me more than the others. But my favorites are still kinda sitting there.”

Ah You already holds offers from BYU, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, Utah, Utah State, Washington, Washington State and Wisconsin.

Notre Dame interjected itself into the conversation this month thanks to defensive backs coach Todd Lyght, who’s been in contact via Twitter. Ah You said he’s heard from Lyght “daily” through direct message.

“Really we haven’t gotten into too deep of conversation,” Ah You said. “Most of it is just checking up on me, my team and how we’ve been doing. I feel like as we develop a better relationship he’ll kind of start working more into that stuff.”

Ah You doesn’t exactly need a crash course in the Irish. But he would like to know more.

“Obviously, Notre Dame is no joke,” he said. “I’ve heard about them and I’ve watched them and everything. I know they’re a good program that knows how to win. They know how to create athletes and build athletes, so I’m excited to learn more about them along the way.”

Ah You might just be inclined to consider a school like Notre Dame.

Last summer he visited BYU, Utah, Utah State, USC, UCLA, Cal and Stanford. Doing some on-site research got Ah You thinking about heading out of state for college.

In-state programs aren’t out of the mix yet, however. 

“Right now my mindset is kinda trying to get out of Utah just to get a different feel,” Ah You said. “So going out of state, I was able to get a feel for what the college atmosphere is like at a bunch of these different schools.”

Ah You plans to double back this season with visits to both in-state schools and, if all goes according to plan, another look at those in California.

“I’m just looking at my future really when I’m going to a college,” he said. “I want a college that can get the best out of me in the classroom and on the football field. I don’t want to just become a great football player but have a horrible off the field life. I want to be able to develop myself with my education and my character as well.” Top Stories